Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots: 100 Word Song

This week’s challenge holds the honor of being the first post I’ve ever written on my iPhone. It also is the first post I’ve penned on the bus. I have a conference tomorrow and thus won’t be free during my standard lunch hour writing oasis break. So we shall see how this phone created and delayed Thursday post turns out. I can tell you that writing this way is a tremendous pain in the ass.

This week Leeroy over at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog gave us “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots” by the Flaming Lips as a prompt.


Clack! The staple secured the flyer to the telephone pole. Why he always sent her here to promote shows was beyond her. No one from Buckhead would ever go to EAV to see a show. It was such a pointless routine.
Clack! She felt their squinty eyes upon her; burning a hole through her thrift store shirt. The Bettys, with their too stretched faces, bleached hair, and perfect outfits, always somehow deflated her ego with their mere presence. As she looked down at her scuffed Chucks, she muttered a now familiar mantra, “I won’t let these pink robots defeat me.”




11 thoughts on “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots: 100 Word Song

  1. One thing I do like about writing on the bus, on a handheld device, is the brevity. I find myself trying to say more with less. 100 word stories (micro-fiction, as it’s sometimes called) are so much fun!

  2. All from the iphone. Impressive!

  3. Nice. I also just noticed David Bowie, Idiocracy and Alex P. Keaton in your tags. Can we have lunch?

  4. I did the iPhone thing once. Please note that I said once. It too was a 100 word prompt and I about lost my mind by the time I finished.

    Best thing here? I love this piece! It has a string of emotions attached and I feel the frustration of the character. Indeed, do not let those pink robot Bettys’ win.

    • Ha! Yeah, I don’t think I could do it for any longer a piece. That was frustrating enough.

      Thanks for the comment! Always great to hear what others think. 🙂

  5. Dude – you made me “hear” the stapler. That’s damned impressive.

    Oh, and you had me at “her scuffed Chucks.” But you knew that already, now didn’t you?

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