Money Talks

“Yeah, I dig it. The beat is sick, kinda like a panic attack set to music.”
“Then it’s settled. You’re in. You’ll be on the soundtrack?”
“Yep. Just hand over that check and everything will be awesome.”
“Nice doing business with you.”
“I can’t believe you actually said ‘the beat is sick’. We are actual musicians you know?”
“And we still are, we’re just making bank now.”
“You’re right. Let’s go shopping! I need a dress for my date with Bieber tonight.”
“You don’t even like dudes.”
And somewhere a tiny hipster shed a tear for another sellout.


This is the first time I’ve gone literal for one of Lance’s prompts over at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog.  My 100 words based on Tegan and Sara’s “Everything is Awesome”,  are what must have occurred prior to this song being released.  What in the actual world is this shit?


From the same duo who did this?


Excuse me while I go claw my eardrums out.



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The Consultant

Today’s 100 word story for Lance’s 100 Word Song post inspired by The Primitive’s “Crash”.   Go visit and join the fun!

“I need reporting showing sales from each of our entities broken out by region and revenue stream.”

“Got it.”

“Also, each morning I need to see all sales for the previous day and noon projections for the current day.”

“Of course.”

“And the information for all of these figures needs to be obtain and sorted from eighteen different sources.”

“No problem.”


“You know our software can’t do any of the things you just promised, right?”

“Don’t worry about that, you’ll figure it out. “

“If you don’t slow down and stop writing checks our asses can’t cash, we’re gonna crash.”




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Let Me Drown

I could not abandon my buddy Lance’s 100 Word Song blog hop two weeks in a row.  And when I saw this week’s selection was a 90s gem, I knew I had to fire up my keyboard and bang out a quick 100!

I’m not sure why this song made me think addict, but it did.  Here are my painful 100 based on October Project’s “Deep As You Go”.
I’d watched his eyes roll back, his jaw soften; his arms go limp. He called it taking a trip, a trip to a place where I could never follow.

Sometimes I’d place my cheek over his mouth and feel the tickle of his breath, my eyes watching for his chest to rise and fall.

Sometimes I’d lie on my back on the cold floor and count ceiling tiles or name  state capitals.

Sometimes I’d merely listen to the clock tick and let the tears fall freely from my eyes; my soul drowning in sorrow. And he let me drown.





Stay positive & love your life!





Solitary Creatures

Without a word,  she dropped to the ground. Feeling the earth beneath her feet, she whipped around; senses heightened by the feeding. Each small movement within the forest pierced her ears.

She hated this part. It was too much. It was all too much and yet it was nothing.

She moved swiftly along, careful to keep her footfalls light. The hour was coming when the forest would no longer belong to just her. She didn’t want to be around when it was time to explain.

Reaching the road she gave her body a full shake. Her long silky fur receded as she stood. She tossed a match over her shoulder and it instantly ignited the dry underbrush. All evidence would be soon lost in the cleansing fires. One more cycle under her belt. She watch the blaze pick up in her rearview mirror as she sped off.


“No!” she screamed, her body jolted awake, sweat soaked the bed. It had been this way every night since she’d lost him. The same dream replayed itself over and over.
Woods, running, crunch of leaves, time to go.

She’d looked back to find him gone.

A deep growl shook the trees. She called out over and over again for him.


She turned to slink back toward their site, but the brightening sky stopped her.

It was too late.


She threw her pillow over her face thinking of the trip back in the next day. It was stupid. But she couldn’t bear the thought of a blaze overtaking him. The dawn would be painful enough.

She’d found him, part of the forest now; his form one with the tree. He starred up at the sky keenly. His eyes permanently open to each passing cycle though he’d never transition again.



She ran, paws pounding the earth. She wasn’t even trying to shield herself now. What was so worth protecting? Her life? A life spent in solitude. No closeness. No one, just her.

She’d once seen a large shadow cross her path and she’d chased it,  hopeful. A Kodiak, its body was large and powerful but its mind was a mess of primal triggers and reactions.



She listened, her inferior human ears detecting dogs howling. They’d soon find the bodies, her bodies. They’d know it wasn’t a bear or a coyote. It was always too neat. Too clean. “Respect must be given,” he’d always said.

The sounds moved toward her and yet she remained, only easing away when their orange vests broke the tree line.

Close. She felt her heart pound, strangely satisfied.


“You know we are meant to be alone, right?”

She’d followed him through the darkness until the cycle was complete. He’d known she was there. She’d felt his mind edge into hers. She’d felt agitation, anger, but a bit of curiosity. It was enough that she’d continued on his tracks. She’d felt. And it was wonderful.

“We’re solitary creatures. So, leave me. Find your own grounds,” he’d said, slamming the door and driving away. She’d wondered if he’d felt her gaze follow him through the dust cloud.


Next cycle she’d stayed back, careful to stay just out of his reach. It was then she’d noticed the scratches along the bark and the scrapings that had left broken limbs behind. An invitation! Maybe she wasn’t the only one who longed for a bond with another.



The night air had felt strangely evocative, like it was willing her to climb higher, jump further, and stretch the boundaries of her nimble body. This was life. This is what she’d been missing.




Once you find out how it can be, how it should be, you can’t go back. She understood this now, like he’d understood it then. Those moments, that connection, it had been temporary; never meant to be. But there was no going back to what was and what was wasn’t much at all.

“You know we’re meant to be alone, right? We’re solitary creatures.”

She gripped the bark, claws digging deep. Her jaw clenched. She starred up at the sky keenly, ready and willing the dawn to come and for a moment,  as the rising sun warmed her, she felt loved.






710 words for Yeah Write’s Weekly Speakeasy Challenge.  Maybe this will be my new prompt home now that Trifecta has closed their doors.


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Random thought:  To be truly alone would be one the worst curses I can imagine.  To know connection and then lose it, alone again, maybe the very worst of all.



100 Word Song: Blake, Incarcerated

Everything in the place has the same smell. I can never quite put my finger on what it is. Musty and sad, like how you’d imagine broken dreams may smell. To me, it smells like home. I always knew I’d end up here.

Father was forever down on his luck and looking for his next scheme. Mom, well she was the Bonnie to his Clyde, his biggest fan and willing sidekick. And that left me as heir apparent, ready to pick up the banner and march on when they were sidelined. I’m their son, from my head to my toes.




My 100 words for Lance’s 100 Word Song Challenge based on Alabama 3’s “Woke Up This Morning”.  Why not give it go yourself?  Up for the challege of telling a story in 100 words?  Go visit him here.


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Trifecta- The Guest Part XXV

This week’s Trifecta prompt queued up another installment of our crazy partnership and their ever-unfolding saga of strange.  Trifecta asked us to use:

FUNK (noun)
1 a :  a state of paralyzing fear
b :  a depressed state of mind
2 :  one that funks :  COWARD
3 :  SLUMP  <an economic funk>  <the team went into a funk>

Need to get caught up on the story?  Check out all previous installments here.

And now this week’s 330 words.  Enjoy!

Me, a Dad! I just couldn’t get over the surprise of it all. I should have seen the signs all along. And it definitely explained all the odd behavior and the lingering funk she’d been in for the past few months.

As I made my way to our bedroom, any apprehension I felt melted away. This was great news!

“Baby, hey wake up. We need to talk.” I said gently shaking her awake. I guess pregnant women sleep a lot, because here she was napping at 3 in the afternoon.

She opened her eyes staring blankly at me.

“Come on, sit up. Let’s chat.”

“About what?” she managed to get out between yawns.

“About us. About the baby,” I said grinning like a fool.

“Baby?” she questioned.

“Yeah, look you don’t have to keep it a secret anymore. I know. The increased appetite, the mood swings, the afternoon naps,” I said nodding toward the bed. “It all adds up. I know. So out with it. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Yes, oh, that,” she said slowly sitting up. “Well, I guess the gig is up. Yep, I’m knocked up. Preggars. I’ve got a proverbial bun in my oven,” she said laughing nervously.

“And you didn’t want to let me in on the news? I mean, shouldn’t I know, as the father?”

“Yes, I suppose you should. Listen, I just didn’t know how to tell you. Everything feels so weird right now. I’ve got this alien life inside of me. I feel a bit out of control. Sometimes it’s like I’m not manning the helm anymore. I’m just not…myself,” she said giving me her now standard sideways head tilt.

“Do you want to know what I think?”

“Huh?” she said waiting.

“I think it’s phenomenal! I think it’s great!” I said embracing her in a hug that sent us both sprawling on the bed.

“Oh shit, sorry. I need to learn to be a bit more careful with you I suppose!”

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The Guest (Part XXIV)

This week I’m moving my The Guest story along once again.  This story started out as an entry for Trifecta in October and was only supposed to span that month.  Well, here we are in February still pushing toward the conclusion (which has changed in my head several times!).  Check out my last installment here.  Or get caught up on the entire story here.

The first 100 of the 321 words are also for my buddy Lance’s 100 Word Song Challenge.  If you’re not familiar, go check it out.  He writes some cool stuff (including two books….I’m just a smidge jealous)  and this week he was awesome enough to let me select the song:  Blind Melon’s “Tones of Home”.

The entire 321 are for Trifecta’s challenge this week using the third definition of the word manipulate.  Enjoy!


“Hmmm, what do I think? Well, for one, I don’t like the way you’re living. I mean everyday recently has been like a rollercoaster.” She said, her voice pitched perfectly in tones of my childhood home.

I silently rolled my eyes.. Here is comes; cue the judgmental sister soapboxing. How could she possibly understand? Cause, the problem, it’s here. It’s what she can’t see.

“But,” she continued. “I think I know what’s going with her.”

I leaned in waiting for her to reveal the nugget of understanding I so desperately needed.

“She’s obviously pregnant. God, you guys are so unobservant.”


“Yo, hey bro, still on the phone?” she asked.

I snapped out of shock and replied, “Yeah, I’m here.”

“Well, have you found the answer you’re looking for?”

“I’m 100% sure that isn’t the answer I was expecting. I thought she’d gone looney. You know she’s been freaking out ever since the whole aquarium pod thing and then there was Cubbie. I just thought she’d completely lost it. This? A baby? Why hasn’t she said anything?” I asked.

“Shit, look at your reaction! You aren’t exactly jumping for joy ya know.”

“No, it’s cool. The idea of being a father actually feels pretty good. It’s just,” I said pausing. “Why hasn’t she told me? I’m Mr. Supportive! It’s like she simply used all of these weird happenings to manipulate the truth. Maybe she is looney!”

“Honey, all pregnant women are looney! Look, you guys haven’t exactly had the easiest last couple of months. Her body is freaking out on her and then there’s the hormones. The hormones, you don’t know anything about that!” she said.

“Me a Dad? Yeah, okay. Me a Dad! You know, it’s been an eventful and enlightening call Sis. Thanks, but I think I need to go find the future mother of my child. As per usual, she has some explaining to do.” I said hanging up.


Stay positive & love your life!




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