Five for Friday: Random Spotify Shuffle

Since I’m out of town today for business and my normal lunch writing time is unavailable, I prepped a softball of a Five for Friday list in advance.  This should be an easy yet fun post  that provides everyone with a little insight into your musical tastes.  I actually did an iPod shuffle post for my very first Five for Friday post nearly a year ago!  Check it out here.

Here are my five with commentary.  Enjoy and then set your Starred Playlist to shuffle and link yours up using the Linky Tool at the end of the post.  Don’t use Spotify?  Then go ahead and give that iPod a shuffly spin!

Dead Sara- Lemon Scent

I just found this band a few weeks ago.  There is really nothing better than stumbling upon a band that you should have already been listening to ages ago and then devouring their entire discography song by song!

This puts me right back in the 90s when all my favorite music was on the airwaves.  These chicks rock the hell out.


Tears for Fears- Mad World

Any music listening platform in my possession will be heavy on the 80s.  Favorite 80s band?  Tears for Fears.  This is one of their best.


Lana Del Rey- Off to the Races

Though the hipsters damn near ruined liking her, I’ve never been shy about proclaiming my love for Lana.  I dig her voice.  I dig her bizarre lyrics.  She’s a weirdo, a talented weirdo.


Local Natives- Who Knows Who Cares

I’ve listened to this album too many times to count, I grinned like a fool watching their performance on Austin City Limits, and now I finally get to see them live at Shaky Knees next month!


Ima Robot- Scream

Another of Alex Ebert’s projects.  This one is quite different from Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros.  I’m a fan of anything this bizarre man releases.


Alright ladies and germs, your turn.  Shuffle it up and lay it on me!

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Stay positive & love your life!


Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: Dealer’s Choice

Here’s my meager attempt at keeping my blog somewhat current in the face of what can only be described as chaos!  Writing time remains at nil and lunch time remains at “hurry up and throw some typr of nutrients down your throat”.  So my post for Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday this week is somewhat unstructured and slightly half-assed.  This week Jen gave us a dealer’s choice meaning we can pick whichever theme and songs we wish.  So given my time constraints, I simply set my iPod to shuffle and made you this little playlist.  I think for nearly zero effort, it turned out pretty good.  It’s also a great representation of the variety of music I enjoy.  If you’d like to read a music post I actually put some time and thought into, check out last week’s Five for Friday where I give you my 5 favorite albums of 2013.

Queens of the Stone Age- Never Say Never (Cover of Romeo Void)

Telepopmusik- Don’t Look Back

Led Zeppelin- D’yer Maker

Outkast- Speedballin’

The Lemonheads- Dawn Can’t Decide


Stay positive & love your life!






Five for Friday: Random iPod Shuffle

So I finally figured out both the name and theme for my recurring Friday post!  It will be a 5 item list each week focusing on a different theme.  I’m envisioning a ton of music related posts (I already have a list working), but I will also have lists for movies, books, beer, food, etc.  I’m a list lover, so this should work out very nicely.

For the first list I thought I’d just do an iPod shuffle.   Three things to know going in:

  • My musical taste (and collection) is kinda all over the map, so a shuffle can easily range from “oh my god, you must listen to this. It’s amazing” to “eeek, I don’t want to admit that I like this” to “this song changed my life” to “let me roll up my window so no one knows I’m jamming to this”.
  • There is A LOT of music.   I had to break down and get an iPod classic, because I just have too much music to store on the newer versions.  And I want all of my music available to me at all times.  I have huge CD books just full of my hard earned dollars and dammit I want to tote those thousands and thousands of songs with me everywhere I go!
  • There is a very wide variety of genres represented.  Really the only two that are somewhat deficient are rap and country.  This is mostly because I detest 90% of the current stuff being released.  And there is very little R&B because I’ve never been interested in it.

So here’s what came up when I strapped my iPod on at the gym this morning-

5.  Morrissey- Interesting Drug

I adore The Smiths and therefore Morrissey.  I love his voice.  I love his hair.  I love this song.


4.  10,000 Maniacs- Poppy Selling Man

This was on their Campfire Songs 2-disc album.  Disc 2 was obscure songs.  Some of my very favorite 10,000 Maniacs songs are on that album (Can’t Ignore the Train and a cover of Peace Train).  Natalie Merchant is one of my top ten female vocalists.  No one else sounds like her.


3.  Sugar Ray- Every Morning

In hind sight I can admit these guys are cheesy to the max.  And 8 times out of 10 a SG song will get a skip from me on the shuffle.  But what can I say, I was in love with Mark McGrath.


2. Wide Spread Panic- Love Tractor

Thank God for a jam band!  Life is so much better when you can get a 15 minute extended play version wrought with improvisation of every song in a band’s catalog.  And these guys are my favorite jam band.  They have the southern rock sound I dig and they’re funky as all get out!  No disrespect to Phish, the Dead, Dispatch etc…..


1.  311- Beyond the Gray Sky (live version from Red Rocks 2011)

I was hoping a 311 song would pop up.  I really shouldn’t be surprised since they are my very favorite group and they are VERY well represented in my music collection.  Love, love, love this song.  The musicality is top notch and the lyrics are a wonderful homage to a lost friend.


Bonus:  After I got through the 5 song shuffle, I started skipping around to find something more upbeat for my run.  And this gem came on.  My parents bought me this disc for Christmas back in the day.  And what 90s teen doesn’t remember this video?!


Listening to:  311 – Transistor

Eating:  Leftover pasta

Drinking:  Monster (Blue)

Random fact:  I have conversations with my animals.