Autumn Amore’

This post originally appeared on Lefty Pop’s site.  My, my, my do I miss my politically charged brothers and sisters.

Fall is upon us and I have to tell ya, I couldn’t be any freaking happier.  This is the time of year I live for.  Spring is great and all, summer means days spent by the pool, and winter, well winter sucks except for Christmas.  But Fall, glorious Fall is always welcomed with a smile and a hoodie laden hug.  Why is it so superior to any other season?  Peruse the list below and prepare to profess your Autumn amore.


The weather, naturally.

The air gets a little crisp and it’s just chilly enough to break out a hoodie even if you wear it with a pair of shorts.  My hair chills the eff out and behaves; no more frizzies or sweaty hair stuck to my neck.  My t-zone doesn’t look like a BP disaster.  And being outside is no longer tolerable, it’s desirable.  In fact, I find myself looking for a reason to be outside and just, well, be outside.


So I’m not really “into” football.  I dig supporting a team and I do pseudo enjoy watching. But what I really love is the trappings of football:   beer, sports bars, parties, finger foods, and a damn good excuse to be outside.  There’s only one thing that can ruin this love – the evil that is fantasy football.  Dear God, make it stop.  Football gets old after watching every game, every game highlight, every game commentary session, and then all of the shows dedicated to kicking ass at fantasy football.  With that much effort, you should just start a football league and I don’t know, actually play football.

Pumpkin everything.

Who would have thunk that pumpkin would be the new bacon?  It’s gone far beyond the coveted Starbucks latte and a few basic candles.  Now it’s in everything.  Hersey Kisses, beer, donuts.  Shit, there’s probably someone making a bacon wrapped, pumpkin spice something at this moment.  And guess what?  I love it all!  It seems like you can never have too much pumpkin, but we may want to chill out a bit before this thing jumps the shark.  I went to Bath and Body Works yesterday and there were no less than 15 different types of pumpkin candle.  And that’s on top of the 10 Fall varieties.  I only bought a few…dozen.


I love a backyard fire more than almost any other option for a Friday or Saturday night.  In fact, I love them so much that I had one during the summer.  It was like sitting in a sweat lodge and I ended up having to bring the mop bucket out to douse it, but I was ready and I wasn’t going to let a little 85 degree weather stand in my way.  I have my fire pit cleaned and ready and a box of duraflames stocked.  Now I just need to add beers and buds.


Costumes, candy, and all things spooky.  I love it all.  Give me a bowl of candy corn and throw on a horror movie marathon.  I’ll never be too old to rock a great costume.


Oh look at all the beautiful red and orange and yellow!  Wait, now they’re just covering my deck.  Get the leaf blower!  There, that’s better.  Just going to grab a drink from the house real quick.  Damn it, my deck is covered in leaves again.  Get the leaf blower!  Maybe the leaves actually belong in the Autumn ‘con’ column.

I know this Fall fantasy world won’t last.  Soon we’ll be facing another snowpacolypse and freezing our faces off.  But right now, it’s perfect.  So meet me ’round the campfire.  We’ll don our hoodies, share a pumpkin beer,  discuss your fantasy football strategy (I’ll convince you I’m listening), and we can workshop your Halloween costume ideas.

Happy Fall y’all!



2 thoughts on “Autumn Amore’

  1. I like fall too! My husband doesn’t read blogs, but I think he felt your vibe tonight… He had a roaring fire in the pit tonight. It was nice to have some time to do nothing and watch stuff burn. Oh, and I’m on board with pumpkin- love it!

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