Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: Music of the 90’s Part 1

I stummbled upon this blog a few weeks ago: .  She has a lot of great and worthwhile posts there to read, but what really made me stop and take notice was her love for music. She’s like a kindred spirit only with way more music knowledge than I have.  That both draws my attention and makes me a bit jealous at the same time. Anyway, each Tuesday she posts a recurring blog topic:  Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday.  Each week the subject of the mix tape changes.  This week I’ve decided to jump into the fray.  Today topic:  Music of The 1990′s – You know what you like, and you know what’s playing but the world is going to end in 1999 so there will be no music after that.

Now since I just did a 1990’s related music post a few Friday’s ago (click here), I thought this might be a challenge.  I’d feel bad not to include songs off of the albums mentioned in my previous post.  But the 90’s was a very music rich decade and it’s where my own, true musical taste developed.  So there will be no repeats….grumble, grumble.

The “Twisted” part of mix tape is the theme you select within the topic.  Jen’s this week was “My Happiness Mix”.  I’ve taken it a different direction.  One of my very favorite things about the 1990’s was how hard hitting the music was.  The music seriously rocked and  it rocked hard. It was as if the entire decade composed a sweet, guitar thrashing, drum smashing, slam dancing lullably to teen angst (or grown-up angst…I just happened to be a teen at the time).   So don your flannel, strap up you Doc Martens, and fling yourself directly into the mosh pit.

Here Comes the Angst Mix

Rusty Cage- Soundgarden

Milquetoast- Helmet

Midlife Crisis-Faith No More

What Was I Thinking-311

*I was at this wonderful shindig.  And this was pure magic to watch/hear.

Darkness- Rage Against the Machine

Now, after all of that rocking, I feel the need to remind you to:

Stay positive & love your life!



Listening to: All 311.  All day.  I’m prepping for Saturday’s show.

Eating:  Downstair Bistro’s salad bar salad….again.  I need to go shopping.

Drinking:  White Monster

Random fact:  It is almost physically painful for me to leave this list at 5!  Ugh, damn you 90’s music!  Why are you so awesome?!

Half of a Squirrel: An Homage to Jan

This morning I was greeted at the door by 1/2 of a squirrel carcass complete with detached tail.  How awesome is it that my cat Duben left this wonderful offering for me?  And how awesome of a chick am I for cleaning up the “gift” with minimal bitching and only a small amount of dry heaving?  Seriously folks, Matt’s exact statement, “I’m not picking that up.  Effin gross.”  Matt’s my boyfriend and pretty much an all around bad ass, but even he was unwilling to clean up the crime scene.  So it got me thinking, women are pretty legit when it comes to cleaning up gross stuff.  You know what else women are?  Moms.  Yep, this dead squirrel anecdote is my lead in to my Mother’s Day post.  Bam! Didn’t see that coming, did you?


This is in no way similar to Duben’s victim

I’m going to go ahead and say that my Mom is the bee’s knees.  She is the type of Mom you’d see on a sitcom and say, “damn, I wish my Mom were that cool.”  I could list at least 472 reasons why she’s so great.  But in the interest of brevity and due to the length of my lunch break, I’m going to narrow the list down to a top 5.  Without further ado, here are the top 5 reasons that Jan is bomb:


Now I know what some of you are thinking, “Melissa, I had no clue your Mom had moves.”  And to that I say, exactly.  That’s because she really doesn’t….in the typical “good” dancer sort of way.  But she isn’t afraid to shake it even if her skills make Elaine from Seinfeld look like a member of the American Ballet Corps.  Bottom line is that she likes to have fun and she really doesn’t care what you think about her routine.

I once saw her put on a routine with my friend Bee’s mini-Dachshund to Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory”.  Said Dachshund was wearing a monkey costume given to him by my Mom complete with a pink tutu.  That’s pretty amazing people, think about it.


This is Otis in his monkey costume sans tutu.


Instead of the thumbs, Jan deploys a downward Karate chop action.

And all those dance shenanigans take us right into number 4-


Back in the day my Mom developed a mean Butthead impersonation.  And she did it all the time… front of my friends.  Most kids would be mortified.  Not me, because that shit was hilarious.  And she would start cracking herself up and then came the uncontrollable Mom laugh.  She has the best laugh.  It’s infectious.  You can’t not laugh.  I’ve scientifically tested it!

*She also does a staggeringly accurate Ren from “Ren & Stimpy”


“huh, huh, huh, hey baby”


As I mentioned in my previous post,  both of my parents are huge music fans.  My Mom’s taste is probably a lot different than your Mom’s though.  Don’t believe me?  Does your Mom listen to Rage Against the Machine?  Yeah, didn’t think so.  But Jan does!  Her preset for Sirius is Octane.  That’s pretty hardcore to be rolling to in a Prius.  And it’s also pretty sweet.  This new found love for heavy music is a departure from her days of loving groups like Bruce Hornsby and the Range, Level 42, INXS, etc.  I like all of those bands, but I think it’s great that her tastes keep changing.  That’s because she keeps changing…..


My Mom never stops growing and evolving.  She picked up running a few years ago.  My Mom was the last person I could ever see running.  She hated it.  Now she’s out running 3+ miles several times a week!

She adopted Veganism a few years ago as well.  Just like, “hey, I want to be a Vegan” and then, overnight, she was.  Years of eating habits abandoned.  That’s pretty admirable and rare.


Here’s a shot of her grocery shopping.

And most importantly…..


Even if she weren’t my Mom, I would admire and respect her.  She’s just a damn good person.  She has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met.  I’m pretty sure this came from my Grandma Patton.  She also had a huge heart and a generous spirit.

There’s just no other way to say it, she’s just the best.   And I’m one lucky lady to have been raised by her!


Here she is feeding a stuffed raccoon.  Yep, she’s a big influence on my weirdness.

I love you like crazy Mom!

– Melissa


Song:  “Tulip” Here We Go Magic

Food:  Tofu and Udon bowl.

Drinking: Diet Coke

Reading:  Just finished “Acirema:  A New Beginning.  A Better Way” by: Bill Williams

Random Fact: I love the way shoe stores smell.