An Open Letter to Parents

This post originally appeared over at Lefty Pop.  But it’s a PSA which warrants repeating.


Dear Parenting Dynamo,

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this or not, but there are other people who must share this planet with you and your offspring.  We are walking on the same sidewalks, shopping in the same stores, and standing in the same lines.  And while little Brently’s unruliness may be cute to just slightly annoying to you, trust me, it’s damn near unbearable for others.


Hey, can you get off your phone for a quick sec?  Over here, good, now focus for a moment.  You see your daughter over there?  She’s shoving through people like a running back.  I’m pretty sure that lady over there just winced in pain as she stamped on her sandled foot.  And her high-pitched caterwauling is interrupting that couple’s quiet conversation.  And…..yep, you’re back to texting as your hellions run wild.

It makes sense to me now, really it does.  How would your child possibly have learned manners with you as a parent?  You clearly never learned to use your inside voice either.  This line here, it’s here for a reason.  You don’t have some sort of super privilege that allows you direct access to the front.  But thanks for passing on that lack of situational awareness to your spawn as well.  He’s all set to piss off the next generation of manner equipped citizens.

Do not  touch.  Maybe he can’t read yet or maybe he thinks the rules don’t apply to him, but either way, your young-in damn near just pulled that exhibit down.  And while I wouldn’t mind watching him get a good scolding from a staff member,  I’m sure it somehow would have been the fault of the aquarium and not your angel.  After all, accountability is taught, and well, you clearly aren’t one for giving lessons.

If it were just you, I’d probably be ok with your lack of actual parenting.  But you’re not alone.  There are now dozens of distracted and entitled guardians roaming about these days.  You’re inflicting your shoddy parenting and basic life skills on us all.  I gotta be honest, I can’t stand your kid.  But after seeing his role model, I totally despise you.


Heading into this bar for a beer.


PS (for my readers)- Before I get the “you don’t have kids, you don’t understand” hate mail, let me say I write this as a former kid myself.  Yep, I’m completely qualified to make the statements above because I know an alternative exists. As a child, I knew how to act when I went out in public.  I knew how respect others.  I knew better.   Less Candy Crush and more parenting please.



Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: I Scored!

First of all let me say that waking up and seeing that all you Tuesday Mix Tapers have already posted is a bit stressful.  I feel like I’m missing the boat.  And I refuse to post Monday for Tuesday because I have to play by some rule and abide to some sense of order in the universe!  Argggghhh!  There, with that off my chest, we can move on to this week’s theme.  It’s very clear to me that I take music and musically inspired posts very seriously…too seriously.  Jen asked for:

Songs I May Have Never Heard if it Wasn’t For This Movie (or Musical) Soundtrack

Jesus.  If there is one thing harder than making a normal playlist and not including 4 bazillion songs, it is making a playlist based on soundtracks!  I LOVE soundtracks!  I LOVE movies!  I’ve already touched on many songs from soundtracks and so I won’t list any repeats (that should help keep the number down).  Check out my earlier post on one of the reasons I love Tarantino so much (hint, hint it’s the music):  If you don’t click this link and read this post, a baby unicorn will die.  And to make it even easier, I will keep this week’s list  (mostly) to scores.

I Scored (when I discovered these movie scores)

We start with a fave from childhood:

Avalon- Randy Newman- 1914


Gladiator- Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard- Earth

As with most of the songs I’m including this week, I had a very challenging time picking one.  Theses songs exist as part of a body of music, so breaking one track out seems almost wrong.  Go listen to the entire soundtrack!

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring- Howard Shore & Enya- May It Be 

Requiem for a Dream- Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet- Requiem for a Dream

Ok, before we get to the song, can we take a moment to look at Jared Leto?


How exactly is that that even as Harry Goldfarb, the strung out, heroine addicted, loser, he is still somehow appealing?  This man clearly has a bargain with the devil…or at the very least, he’s part demon.

Kids- Folk Implosion-Natural One

So this one became a pseudo hit.  But you should definitely check out the rest of the album.  It’s super odd and adds another layer to the movie.  Also, I think this movie should be required watching by all teens.  Talk about scared straight.

And another on the soundtrack by Folk Implosion:


The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford- Nick Cave & Warren Ellis- Song for Bob

Gets great at around 2:20.


And likely THE BEST movie score of all time:

Last of the Mohicans- Trevor Jones- The Kiss

This damn movie, I love it so much.  And I actually love the soundtrack as much as the story and acting,  if not more.  Oh Daniel Day!


And for my finish, ladies and gentlemen, do you know what OTHER movie soundtrack the incomparable Trevor Jones was a part of?

Come on, let me hear your guesses!





I mean, it doesn’t get any better than this!

Labyrinth-Trevor Jones & David Bowie- As the World Falls Down


What is your favorite movie score?


Stay positive & love your life?




Listening to: Eddie Vedder – Rise  Had to sneak this in here somehow.  What an AMAZING soundtrack!

Eating:  Mushroom ravoli

Drinking:  H2O

Random fact:  I had a super crush on Jareth (Bowie).  I would have stayed in that damn Labyrinth.