Autumn Amore’

This post originally appeared on Lefty Pop’s site.  My, my, my do I miss my politically charged brothers and sisters.

Fall is upon us and I have to tell ya, I couldn’t be any freaking happier.  This is the time of year I live for.  Spring is great and all, summer means days spent by the pool, and winter, well winter sucks except for Christmas.  But Fall, glorious Fall is always welcomed with a smile and a hoodie laden hug.  Why is it so superior to any other season?  Peruse the list below and prepare to profess your Autumn amore.


The weather, naturally.

The air gets a little crisp and it’s just chilly enough to break out a hoodie even if you wear it with a pair of shorts.  My hair chills the eff out and behaves; no more frizzies or sweaty hair stuck to my neck.  My t-zone doesn’t look like a BP disaster.  And being outside is no longer tolerable, it’s desirable.  In fact, I find myself looking for a reason to be outside and just, well, be outside.


So I’m not really “into” football.  I dig supporting a team and I do pseudo enjoy watching. But what I really love is the trappings of football:   beer, sports bars, parties, finger foods, and a damn good excuse to be outside.  There’s only one thing that can ruin this love – the evil that is fantasy football.  Dear God, make it stop.  Football gets old after watching every game, every game highlight, every game commentary session, and then all of the shows dedicated to kicking ass at fantasy football.  With that much effort, you should just start a football league and I don’t know, actually play football.

Pumpkin everything.

Who would have thunk that pumpkin would be the new bacon?  It’s gone far beyond the coveted Starbucks latte and a few basic candles.  Now it’s in everything.  Hersey Kisses, beer, donuts.  Shit, there’s probably someone making a bacon wrapped, pumpkin spice something at this moment.  And guess what?  I love it all!  It seems like you can never have too much pumpkin, but we may want to chill out a bit before this thing jumps the shark.  I went to Bath and Body Works yesterday and there were no less than 15 different types of pumpkin candle.  And that’s on top of the 10 Fall varieties.  I only bought a few…dozen.


I love a backyard fire more than almost any other option for a Friday or Saturday night.  In fact, I love them so much that I had one during the summer.  It was like sitting in a sweat lodge and I ended up having to bring the mop bucket out to douse it, but I was ready and I wasn’t going to let a little 85 degree weather stand in my way.  I have my fire pit cleaned and ready and a box of duraflames stocked.  Now I just need to add beers and buds.


Costumes, candy, and all things spooky.  I love it all.  Give me a bowl of candy corn and throw on a horror movie marathon.  I’ll never be too old to rock a great costume.


Oh look at all the beautiful red and orange and yellow!  Wait, now they’re just covering my deck.  Get the leaf blower!  There, that’s better.  Just going to grab a drink from the house real quick.  Damn it, my deck is covered in leaves again.  Get the leaf blower!  Maybe the leaves actually belong in the Autumn ‘con’ column.

I know this Fall fantasy world won’t last.  Soon we’ll be facing another snowpacolypse and freezing our faces off.  But right now, it’s perfect.  So meet me ’round the campfire.  We’ll don our hoodies, share a pumpkin beer,  discuss your fantasy football strategy (I’ll convince you I’m listening), and we can workshop your Halloween costume ideas.

Happy Fall y’all!




New Music Tuesday: Top New Album Releases for October

The leaves have changed, the weather is getting crisp, and the time is perfect for a backyard fire.  You know what goes great with a fire (besides some good friends and great brews)?  New music!  So prepare your ears and get thee to a computer stat!  Because these new releases from October are just waiting for a download.

Best New Album Releases October 2014


Hozier- Hozier

Critics and indie rock lovers are falling all over themselves for this guy.  “Take Me Church” is so freaking catchy and is getting some major airtime.  This means I’m destined to hate it soon after it appears in a gazillion ads and movie trailers, but for now I’ll enjoy.  Andrew Hozier- Byrne has an Irish sourced soul, a beautiful mane of hair, and an even more beautiful voice.  Bonus points awarded because his first single tackles a human rights issue.  “Take Me to Church” is about  gay discrimination in Russia.  The video achieved viral status last year launching the Hozier love fest.

Also check out:  Like Real People Do

Milky Chance- Sadnecessary

Folky at times and a bit electro-indie at others.  I’m totally digging this German duo and their latest pop offering.  Open the windows and do a little fall cleaning or baking.  I dare you not to dance!

Also check out:  Stunner and Loveland

We Were Promised Jetpacks- Unravelling

My picks this month are skewing poppy for sure.  Here’s another pop rock group from across the pond.  Emo and a smidge punk at moments, somehow this album goes a little dark while remaining optimistic.  And it’s wonderfully cohesive.

Also check out:  Night Terror  The critics seem to hate this one.  I find it odd and delightful.

The Flaming Lips- With a Little Help from My Fwends

Ever wonder what a tribute to The Beatles “Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band” would sound like if say, Miley Cyrus, My Morning Jacket, Dr. Dog and Moby teamed up with The Flaming Lips?  Well here’s your answer.  These guys come together with a list of other musical pals to make a strange album even stranger…and also completely awesome.  Bizarre and beautiful, you have to give this one a listen.  Skip about a minute in to get beyond the crazy.

Also check out:  Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and She’s Leaving Home

High Ends- Super Class

I’m a big fan of Yukon Blonde (a Canadian synth-indie-pop band).  High Ends is lead singer’s Jeff Innes’ solo project.  He wrote the album and recorded it in a home studio.  Completely upbeat with singable choruses, it pairs nicely with the first four albums on my list.

Also check out:  Keep on Dancing and The Weight

Le Cassette- Left to Our Own Devices

A chill-wave 80s throwback, Left to Our Own Devices is wonderful from start to finish.  If you’re a fan of M83, this album will be right at home in your collection.  A Peter Gabriel and Bowie presence is tangible.

Also check out:  Electric Paradise and Arms of Mine

There you have it folks, 6 gems from October.  I’m hoping my November picks end up more on the rock end of the spectrum, but sometimes we all need a little dance break.  Enjoy!

What were your faves from October?  Let me know below!

Stay positive and love your life!


Karate Kid and Its Life Lessons Turn 30

Here’s a post that originally appeared on Lefty Pop back in June.  Given the life lessons to be learned from 80s gems such as Karate Kid, I thought it prudent to post it here as well.  So read on and remember, “You’re the best around.  Nothing’s ever gonna keep you down.”

In a continuing effort to shove me into old age, time insists on marching on.  Everyday some relic of my childhood hits a milestone and I’m forced to think, “Holy shit, I guess that was X years ago.”  Today’s ‘aha moment’ of aging is brought to me courtesy of LaRusso and Miyage.  That’s right, Karate Kid just turned 30.

Released in 1984, Karate Kid was a commercial success.  It even earned Noriyuki “Pat’ Morita an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.  It spawned a franchise that resulted in two sequels; unfortunately leading to a spin-off (The Next Karate Kid, 1994, with Hillary Swank) and then an unoriginal reboot (The Karate Kid, 2010, with Jaden “I’m only famous cause of my dad” Smith).  But the most important impact it made wasn’t at the box office, it was in the living rooms of 80s kids across the country.  While Daniel-san was learning karate, we were learning some important life lessons.

Sometimes assholes learn their lessons and change.

Johnny and his Cobra Kai chums really made Daniel’s experience as the new kid on the block a living hell. I mean, Daniel did kind of put the moves on his ex-girlfriend, but kicking his ass in front of the entire dojo and chasing him dressed as a skeleton seems a little harsh.  Johnny is a world-class bully.  But eventually, after receiving a crane kick to the chin, he admits defeat and declares ” “You’re all right, LaRusso! Good match!”  Even he wasn’t buying the no mercy bit at this point.

Manual labor builds character.

Having obligated him to a karate tournament against Cobra Kai in two months, Daniel assumes Mr. Miyagi is going to instantly jump into teaching him all of his awesome karate secrets.  Nope.  Apparently the secret to kicking-ass is doing all of Miyagi’s chores.  Wax-on, wax-off.  Wax-on, wax-off.  Bam, muscle memory!  While I don’t buy that Daniel’s YMCA level skills were instantly transformed by his Miyagi slavedom, the message of hard-work preceding success is a great lesson.

Do or do not.  There is no try.

Technically, Yoda taught us this lesson.  But Miyagi echoes it.  You must commit to something to be great. “Walk on road, hm? Walk left side, safe. Walk right side, safe. Walk middle, sooner or later [squish gesture] get squish just like grape.”

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

“Get him a body bag! Yeah!”   It’s always embarrassing to lose after talking smack.  You look like an idiot Tommy.

Never let fear keep you from trying.

Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from trying.  “It’s okay to lose to an opponent.  It’s never okay to lose to fear.”

Never, ever give up.

During the tournament finals, Johnny is delivering a major beating upon Daniel.  It seems that all hope is lost.  Clearly he is outmatched.  When we hear sensei scream, “Sweep the leg!”, we hang our heads confident that LaRusso has failed.  But we’d forgotten about the crane.  Daniel musters his last bit of strength, somehow hypnotizes Johnny in his attempts to balance, and delivers a tournament ending, Cobra Kai face kick.  After witnessing this moment, I proceeded to don my USA Gold Medal replica (found in a box of Wheates) and perform karate moves all over the house.  He did it!  He won!

A theme song can make everything better.

Oh, the 80s and their theme songs.  You can’t present a montage without one.  And Karate Kid had one of the best….around.  Thanks Joe Esposito.

New Music Rocks!

So part of the reason for the neglect of my personal blog is that I was writing twice weekly for an awesome site called Lefty Pop. It was a wonderful co-op of writers passionate about music, politics, and pop culture.  Sadly, the editors decided to shutter the doors in mid-October.  I’ve decided to move one of my recurring Lefty Pop posts over to this site.  Each month I’ll give you the readers’ digest version of the albums released during the previous month that are worthy of a listen.  No long reviews.  No music snobbery…okay, maybe a bit of snobbery.  I hope this will be a great way to share my love of music with the world, find some fellow hardcore music fans, and give my friends who are clambering for some good, new music a source from which to tap each month.    This recurring post will also be part of me venturing back into a semi-regular blogging habit.  I’ll very  likely be revamping the site as well (new look, new name), so stayed tuned.  I see great things ahead…and definitely great music.  I’ll have your October digest up later this week, but in the meantime, please enjoy these selections from September originally posted over at Lefty Pop.

new music

It’s finally gotten to the point that I can’t even stomach, let alone enjoy, the “music” being played on Atlanta’s local Top 40 station.  I know what you’re thinking, “why are you listening to the radio?”  Drive time morning commute baby!  I have a long running habit of toggling between two local morning shows.  Here’s where it gets sticky; sometimes the morning show on the Top 40 station plays songs in between segments.  Let me tell you, I nearly throw my shoulder out switching to anything else.  Even a commercial is preferable.  It’s gotten bad people, really bad. In case you’d like to inflict some pain on your ears, because you’re into that sort of thing, Google “All About That Bass”, anything from the new Maroon 5 album, or Iggy Azalea (dumb name, even dumber songs).  But please, you must save yourself from Jason Aldeen’s new song where he imagines what would happen if his truck could talk.  Jesus.

But have no fear, if my opener has you longing for the old days and U2’s forced download has you thinking that musical bliss is a thing of the past, I’ve got the fix for what ails ya.  Here are six solid releases from September for your listening pleasure.

Lonely the Brave:  “The Day’s War”

What’s this?!  Guitars in a new release that’s actually climbing the charts?  Hell yeah and rock on.  Though LTB’s offering is a little more Biffy Clyro-espue, new age, arena anthem than gritty, in your face, rebel rock, it’s still rock, and I have to say, I love this album.  It’s cohesive and listenable start to finish.  The bands sites The National and Pearl Jam as influencers and you can hear it.  Critics and fans alike can’t get enough.

Also check out:  Trick of Light, Deserter, and Dinosaurs

King Tuff:  “Black Moon Spell”

King Tuff is the moniker adopted by Kyle Thomas for his offering of what can be described as lo-fi, stoner rock, 60s and 70s nostalgia, and glam rock all at once (depending what track you’re currently spinning).  He’s back with his third and what I’d argue, best offering.  Though critics are giving “Black Moon Spell” middle of the road marks (C+ to B-), I quite enjoy the album and find it far more accessible for the casual listener attempting to discover new rock.  I also dig that KT, in the spirit of Pearl Jam and The Gaslight Anthem,  took a stab at a vinyl tribute song with  “Black Holes in Stereo”.  Does anyone else here Danzig’s “Twist of Cain” in the title track?

Also check out:  Beautiful Thing and Sick Mind.

The Preatures:  “Blue Planet Eyes”

Like your rock a little more on the poppier end of the spectrum?  Check out The Preatures.  Fans of Haim with feel right at home amongst the dreamy and then groovy offerings of Blue Planet Eyes.  Danceable tracks, sing along lyrics, and funky guitar, this album has it all.  It’s totally fun.  It get bonus points for Spoon’s Jim Eno’s involvement in its production.

Also check out:  Rock & Roll Rave and Ordinary.

Alt-J:  “This is All Yours”

Let’s move from very accessible to very polarizing.  Alt-J is a love em or hate em band.  Even the critics can’t agree.  One lauds praise like they’re the next coming and another compares them to Radiohead rip offs doing it wrong.  I happen to dig Alt-J.  Bizarre for sure: I know their new album will firmly cement them in the instant skip category when my husband is in the car.  But this album, just like “An Awesome Wave” will definitely get some time in the rotation from me.  Approach with an open mind and lay aside your hipster hate, and you just may find you have a little room for “This is All Yours” in your playlist.

Note- Their single “Left Hand Free” was made at the behest of the record label to “appease the American audience”.  It sounds nothing like the rest of the album.  Satire or no, I still enjoy the track.

Also check out:  Every Other Freckle and Nara

Mazes:  “Wooden Aquarium”

British rockers very clearly influenced by 90s American alt-rock.  The very clear comparison to their influences has garnered a bit of a rating problem amongst critics who believe the band is struggling with their own identity.  I don’t care, I’m all over this 90s throw back.  At times a bit Pavement and at others reminiscent of Oasis, “Wooden Aquarium” delivers a wildly enjoyable album sure to be at home in any Gen Xer’s collection.

Also check out:  Mineral Springs

Death from Above 1979:  “The Physical World”

My favorite September release, I adore this album.  From the opening song “Cheap Talk”, it’s got a rocking synth momentum that carries you through the final track and then sends you right back to the start to do it all over again.  Sebastien Grainger’s voice is slightly reminiscent of Britt Daniel’s (second Spoon reference this post) and is a wonderful fit for his hefty drumming.  Guitar riffs, odd beats, delicious synth infusions, I just can’t say anything else without going full fan girl.  Go listen and let the album speak for itself.  Wonderful.

Also check out:  Cheap Talk, Virgins, and Gemini

Happy listening!


Marriage is Work & Other Wedding Faux Pas

It’s been just over a month since my wedding day.  I’m still in the process of changing my name (what a royal pain), getting thank-you notes out, and  figuring out how to hang framed pictures in my house without making it look like a shrine to me and Matt.  It’s crazy how quickly time speeds by.  Months spent planning gone in a blink and soon I’ll be celebrating my 1st anniversary and then my 50th.

I thought of spending this post in yet another moment of awe at just how amazing my wedding was, you know, pics and gushings and hopes of expectant brides just wishing they could get it that right.  Who knows, maybe I’ll still do that later.  But I need to come up for air and toss the proverbial bouquet.  What better way to send this precious moment off than by helping all mankind; a PSA of sorts to pave a brighter future for all those brides to be.

RSVP?  What’s that?

Color me shocked and amazed that I travel in a circle of folks who don’t do well with deadlines.  I get it, the cut-off date slipped your mind.    I can certainly understand that you may not have a stamp or want to fill in my address, so I did that for you.  Or maybe making that little check mark next to yes or no was just, well, too much.  So I am forced to hunt you down and demand an answer.  It’s starting to feel like maybe you don’t give a shit and my ego is awfully bruised.

Confession time, I’ve been this person.  Once.  And guess what, never again.  I now fully understand that RSVP isn’t a request, it’s a demand.  Don’t let the fancy French please fool you, those cards hold the entire balance of the wedding on their paper sharp edges.  Try dealing with vendors and setting a final budget when you don’t know if 50 or 250 people are showing up.

Your Yes = $.

You know how you said “OMG, can’t wait.  Super excited my plus one and I wouldn’t miss it for the world!”?  Well that and the yes you checked caused me to put you in the attending column complete with your drinks and food and location overage costs and cake and….expectations of seeing your smiling faces.  I get that emergencies happen.  Sickness, car issues, and apparently  work issues plagued the universe that fateful weekend of the 14th.  But what of the folks who just didn’t bother to show or text or send a carrier pigeon offering apology for their no show?  That I don’t get.

Lesson- If you say yes, show up.  Or send some offering to excuse your absence.  Beer never hurts.  Neither does a hand written letter.  If you can’t come, say no.  It’s totally cool.  But you should still send beer.

Marriage is Work.

So the first two are just some shocking revelations that, had I really thought ahead about the nature of people, really aren’t so surprising.  I rant; I feel better; I pay the credit card off;  I move on.  This last one completely blind sided me.

“Phew! Let me just say, it’s a lot of hard work and a great deal of compromise!”

“I am SO happy you couldn’t be happier.  I felt so happy the first morning I woke up after being married to [name withheld]….things change.  LOL  Just kidding, but not really…”

“Marriage is hard.  Like really, really hard.  Sometimes you’ll wonder what the hell you were thinking.”

“Good luck.  You’ll need it.”

These are things people actually said to me either in their congratulatory messages or upon hearing I got married.  For real.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard, “marriage is work”.

First, how is this a message you think a newly wed wants to hear?  Unless you’re that married couple of 50 years from whom I’m soliciting a nugget of advice, a congrats, so happy for you, will suffice.  I mean, imagine this in any other circumstance:

New baby:  “Oh, he’s so cute.  Too bad you’ll end up hating him for large stretches of time.  Enjoy the next 18 years.  Congrats.”  or “Get ready for shitty diapers, puke, and constant crying.  Babies pretty much suck.  So happy for you.”

Birthday:  “You’re one step closer to the grave.  Seriously, you look like crap.  When did you get so many wrinkles.  Oh well, it only gets worse.  Enjoy your special day.”

New Home:  “Lovely place.  Hopefully you don’t lose your job and go into foreclosure.  Can I get a tour?”

New Job:  “Good luck.  You know most people don’t stick around a company for more than a few years and tons probably get fired in their first 90 days.  Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen to you.”

Also, no shit Sherlock.  Life is work.  Actually, I think it is more accurate to say marriage, life, a career or anything worth having takes EFFORT.  It’s a big distinction.  Work implies forced behavior; something you do begrudgingly.  Something you really shouldn’t have to do, but, well I guess since the universe decided you should be born not into royalty but a mere commoner, you’ll just have to deal with.  Pick the right career, hobby, partner–something/someone who truly matters in your life for more than a fleeting moment–and suddenly you may actually want to make an effort.  And that effort makes all the difference.  More effort may yield you less work.  Just a thought…

OK- dear readers, my lunch is finished and my rant is through.  Hopefully you’ve all learned something today.  Because knowledge really is power.  Feel free to share this PSA with those in your circle who are less endowed in the manners’ department.  You may just save someone some grief…or at least keep a friend from being the subject of blogging fodder from a small time writer wanna be.


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We Were Promised Jetpacks – Unravelling

A Very Crafty Wedding: The One Where I Thank Friends & Family

No need to double check your computer screen, yes, it is indeed I.  With a blog post.  On my actual blog.  I tell ya, the second half of 2014 is really shaping up to be a doozy.  Between starting my own business and getting married, I must admit that, as the kids say, the struggle is real!  My days disappear and it seems like there is never enough time to get to the bottom of my to-do list; mostly because shit just keeps piling on every time I blink.  So things like writing, reading, and essentially anything else relegated to the dreaded “hobby” category has struggled.

And here I find myself on the cusp on October.  The wedding was over two weeks ago and it feels like just yesterday.  I knew I wanted to write this post months ago when I started planning.  I knew I’d  need something to actually close the door behind the wedding.  And while I still have some thank-you cards to mail out, it is time that I actually admit, I’m no longer a bride, I’m a wife.  Being a wife is pretty rad (especially with an incredible hubby), but I have to admit that I’m going to miss looking forward to my “special day”.  I’m going to miss planning and chatting and dreaming.  I’m going to miss conversations with my mom and friends that are literally all wedding, all the time.  Count yourselves lucky dear readers that I haven’t had time to write.  Because this blog would have looked like Pinterest purged itself all up in here!  I’m going to miss spending ridiculous sums of money.  Wait, that last one is a lie, and besides, I can’t miss it when I’ll still be paying for those four blissful hours over the next several months.

So good-bye wedding!  You were awesome.  I bid you adieu with part one of my wedding highlight countdown.  And I start with the biggest highlight of all besides the wonderful man I married:  my friends and family.

My friends and family seriously rock.

So you’re convinced you have good friends huh?  And you’d swear your folks were the bomb?  Well they’ve got nothing on mine.  Check it:

Kasi (aka bestie #1, the bossy one, knows her role):  She flew in from NOLA and just said, “I got this.”  Need someone to make sure you don’t pass out cause you forgot to eat?  Again?  Yeah, done.  I was tranported back to being a kid as she coaxed, “just a few more bites.”  Need someone to kick the party out so you can get some sleep?  She’ll be sweeping folks out with a broom.  She knew her role was to mitigate my stress.  No telling how many issues popped up that I still don’t even know about.

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Bee (aka bestie #2, gay #1, power cleaner and other roles):  Oh, you like my bouquet?  Yeah, this dude made it with his bare hands and his creative-ass mind.  Boutonnieres?  Them too.  One hour before people arrived at my house for rehearsal dinner he was Dysoning the house like a mad man.  Before he mopped.  Did the house need it?  No, but he knows his best friend is a nut case when it comes to her house.

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Jim (aka bestie #3, gay #2, brunch coordinator jones, florist):  Spend $2000+ on a florist?  Why?  I spent $200 and my flowers looked like a divine hand crafted each arrangement.  Because it did.  Jim’s hand.  He’s also responsible for making sure I had a good cry the night before to “get it all out”.  Asshole.  His GoPro skills still need some work, but his hosting skills are top notch.

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Bradley (aka Bee’s boyfriend, gay #3, moving up the ranks to bestie status, fan scrubber, grocery getter):  Bradley just got shit done.  I didn’t even ask, things just happened.  Lots of things.  I can’t even list them because they were just happening, all the time, all weekend.  If he were trying to butter me up to ask for Bee’s hand in marriage, it worked.  Pretty sure that’s like a thing, asking the best fruit fly’s permission, right?

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Nelson (aka my new brother, the Matt chiller-outer, the Gator cusser):  I didn’t have to worry about keeping up with Matt all weekend (not that I would), because Nelson was right by his side.  He helped him cuss the Gators.  He helped him drink lots of beer.  He made sure of the some other stuff too.  I think.  Oh, he brought Growlers of some great beer from AL.  Easiest way into my heart.

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My brother Dustin & my sister-in-law Brooke (aka partners in beer, packers of baskets):  Brooke made sure I toasted the morning of in style with some mimosas.  Dustin lifted heavy stuff with his big man arms.  And they both made sure Matt and I left with at least a bit of wedding food.  It’s true, you really don’t have time to eat at your own wedding!

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My cousins Molly & Brien and their daughter Savannah (aka the diva wagon, travel agents, charm wranglers):  These guys made sure I had the cutest flower girl in the history of weddings.  Check history.  It’s true.  Brien hooked up a sweet hotel.  And they carted my great aunt and uncle to ATL to join the weekend long party.  Awesome.

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My friend Kristie and her son Grady (aka dragon slayer):  One, let it be noted that Kristie was on time for 3 events on 3 consecutive days.  That’s a life record.  Thanks lady.  She also ensured that Grady made sure he was extra adorable and defended me against any and all dragons lurking around the wedding.

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My officiant Jonathan (aka my work bud, Napolean Dynomite with a law degree):  I wanted someone close to my growth over the last few years to do the honors.  J-Hill stepped up, got ordained, and made it all legal.  Bonus points for reading my ceremony as written, Huey Lewis lyrics and all.

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Full Service (aka the jams, supplier of sick beats, my #1 choice for my wedding day tunes):  I can’t say enough to express how very excited I was to have these guys play.  I’ll have a bit more to say about their awesomeness in part two of my countdown.

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Kim (aka magic hair godess, black eye-liner rocker, braider extraordinaire):  I asked for Game of Thrones hair and she delivered.  My hair looked EXACTLY like I imagined it.

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Danielle (aka the Sparkle and the Glam):  She somehow got a girl who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup to wear a lot of makeup without looking like a drag queen.  In my mind, that’s magic.

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Last, but certainly not least, our parents:  Mom, Dad, Susan, and Dennis you all made our day everything we dreamed it would be.  Your love, support and encouragement was the perfect fit!  And Mom, your crochet skills are on point!

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Family and friends traveling from far and wide:  you’re the best!  You took tons of pictures (Aunt Debi).  You provided moonshine and encouraged shots, shots, shots (Uncle Ray, James and Amelia).  You made the trip solo (Crystal, Ben, and Roger)! You provided sisterly bonds and smiles (Karen, Elizabeth, and Cay).  You showed up nearly two hours early by accident (Lisa, Tony, Brad, and Nate)!  You rocked out a softball cheer (Elle Wood, MJ, Paul, Claire, Shikha, Roger, Dustin, Dustin, Tony).  You hopped on a flight from St. Louis with your lovely wives (Brad and Andrew).  You surprised me with a shower and a kegerator (my work family).  And to everyone I didn’t mention by name,  you all are awesome, every single one.

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More wedding madness soon!  Come back and join me in saying goodbye!

Stay positive & love your life.



Listening to:  Foo Fighters – Best Of You

Eating:  Quesadillas

Random thought:  How do I shave 7+ miles off my work commute and it still takes just as long?  ATL is a traffic black hole.

Five for Friday: Top 5 Movie Kisses

Pssst, lean in a bit closer.  I have something to tell you.  That’s it, right there.  Muahhhh!  Yes, I’m feeling a bit romantic folks.  In case you’re one of the last people on the planet who I haven’t told 20 times, I’m getting married in 25 days!  In honor of this quite historical occasion, my blog posts have started taking a turn towards the romantic.  So expect a bit of the lovey dovey, the mushy, and the near vomit inducing for the next month.

Today I’m bringing back my fave ongoing blog post series, Five for Friday.  I won’t be posting a linking tool, but feel free to join in and then link back to me on your post.  Or just leave your five in the comments section.  Today I give you my five favorite kisses on the big screen.  So pucker up people, here we go!


#5:  Sixteen Candles  (1984)

Samantha and Jake.  Finally.  Though I like her better with Ducky. Wait, wrong movie.


#4:  The Goonies (1985)

“Does Brad have braces?  Why are you laughing?”

“Next time keep your eyes open.  It’s a whole different experience.”


#3:   Last of the Mohicans (1992)

This is my Notebook (though I do love a good Notebook cry sesh).  I remember watching this and thinking, “one day someone will kiss me like that”.  And this soundtrack.  My.  Goodness.  What a perfect backdrop for a perfect kiss.  It’s in my top five movie soundtracks of all time.


#2:  Back to the Future (1985)

Romantic and pretty darn important.  Strum that guitar Calvin Klein.


#1:  The Princess Bride  (1987)  x2

First there is Westley and Buttercup reunited.  Magic.

And then:

“Since the invention of the kiss there have been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind.”

Maybe I should just say “As you wish” instead of “I do”.



Honorable Mentions:

My Girl (1991)

So stinking cute, but man is this movie sad.

Legends of the Fall  (1994)

Tristan may be my favorite Brad Pitt.  But this scene goes from amazing kiss to NSFW pretty quickly.


What are your favorite on screen kisses?



Stay positive & love your life!




Listening to:  Devan DuBois – I Won’t Let You Down

Eating:  Eggplant parm

Drinking:  Blue Monster

Random thought:  Guy in the break room:  If I can hear you slurping your noodles from across the room, you really need to work on your manners.  Ugh, mouth noises.  Also, man in the QT this morning:   If you smell like BO at 8 am, the day’s only going to get progressively stinkier.  I sure hope your workmates don’t have my nose!  PSA- Chew with your mouth closed.  Wash yourself and your clothes.  The world thanks you.


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