Twisted Mixtape: Awesome Mix Volume 2

So Jen returned one of my very favorite blog hops this week, Twisted Mixtape!  Oh how I’d missed it.  With the stress of getting married, starting my own company, and writing twice weekly for Lefty Pop, my personal writing time has taken a serious hit.  In fact, someone of you are thinking, “oh yeah, I do remember subscribing to this blog.  I thought she’d disappeared into the void of blogging block.”  Nope, just busy.  But no way was I going to miss out on the opportunity to follow a mixtape assignment!  Today’s tape is inspired by the original Awesome Mix Volume 1 from Guardians of the Galaxy (awesome movie if you haven’t seen it).  It’s just a bunch of songs I wouldn’t mind as a soundtrack while floating around in space.  And in also keeping with the movie, these songs all skew older.  There nothing here beyond 1988.



U2:  Where the Streets Have No Name

Really this could have been just about any song from War or Joshua Tree

George Baker Selection:  Little Green Bag

Jen and I have discussed our mutual love for this song.  Never gets old.

Ram Jam:  Black Betty

This is just a pure rock out track.

ELO:  Mr. Blue Sky

Makes me happy.

Allman Brothers Band:  Blue Sky

I can see my childhood living room and feel the warm summer breeze coming through my window if I close my eyes.

Rush:  Subdivisions

Quintessential nerd jam.

Yes:  Owner of a Lonely Heart

Solid advice.

Toto:  Africa

Made me miss the rains and I’ve never even been to Africa.

Tears for Fears:  Head of Heels

Belongs on any mixtape I make.  One of my favorite songs ever.

Simple Minds:  Alive and Kicking

My 2nd favorite 80s new wave hit.

Pink Floyd:  Learning to Fly

Hard to pick just one Pink Floyd song, but this one has always been instantly repeatable for me.


After a thorough review of my songs, you could easily call them “Songs I listened to in the backseat of my childhood car”, which is fitting given how Star Lord obtained his mixtape.


Stay positive & love your life!




Listening to:  Bosnian Rainbows – Eli

Eating:  Rigatoni with homemade vodka sauce, arugula, and garden fresh tomatoes.

Drinking:  H20

Random thought:  This time next month I’ll be prepping for my engagement party.  Squee! So excited to be marrying my soul mate, best friend, and perfect partner in life!

5 thoughts on “Twisted Mixtape: Awesome Mix Volume 2

  1. I’m so used to coming here and hearing songs I’ve never heard, feeling dumb (lol) and thinking “Gawd, that Melissa is so cool!”
    but today you shared ELO and Black Betty (I love that song) and Alive and Kicking (Simple Minds, oh how I adore them) and Tears for Fears and Yes, Rush and Toto.

    I just might be able to hang out with you after all…and actually know some of the songs. 🙂

    Nice to see you back here for a bit and so excited for all your wedding news.

  2. Yes! And I don’t mean the band, but I also mean the band!!! They just played here and were AMAZING!
    But what I really mean is you are so right, this mix could go on forever. I am already creating vol.3 in my head because iTunes!
    Little Green Bag (of course) and Mr Blue Sky! How more genius could that be?
    I also love the songs that would be ironic in the movie like Owner of a Lonely Heart!
    I so loved this mix, I keep adding to my version on my iTunes because everyone is adding songs and I’m like, Yes! That and that and that!
    I am so happy you played, and happy you’re happy writing and come back 🙂

  3. Awesome playlist! Takes me back to my good ol’ days. I need to see that movie.

    (It was good to see your name pop up in my Reader.)

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