Guest Post: A Dinner Party Playlist

So as you all have probably ascertained, my personal blog writing time has dwindled to near zilch lately.  Between by twice weekly commitment over at Lefty Pop (check it out here), major work shakeups (equally zero oasis writing space at lunchtime), and the development of a new chapter in my career (more on that soon!), I’ve found myself really neglecting Quick Stepp.  I promise I’ll be back!  In the meantime, please follow me over at Lefty Pop and check out this guest post submission from my very best friend, Brett (aka Bee).  He’s not exaggerating when he says he’s a neurotic mess.  I wouldn’t want him any other way.  So happy I can play a role in his life and his music snobbery!  Here is a shot of us being our normal dorky selves:


Take it away Bee Marsh:


So I have a dinner party to throw and what do I do? Freak out. People are going to be up in my house. Hello, this means get to work.

I have to research and create some amazing dish that somehow everyone who enjoys eating will appreciate. Clean everything. And that means wipe down the vacuum cleaner too. Spark up some candles for ambiance, aroma, and/or just plain good measure. Hello, again, people are going to be up in my house, it’s a dinner party. Everyone must feel clean and comfortable. Can I get you anything? Do you need a refill?

But before the super anxious, super impatient, and super neurotic aspects of my personality come bursting out, I crank up the surround sound with one of the dillions of songs I have starred on my Spotify account. That’s $10 a month well spent for me. It is a lifesaver.

While in the hype of wiping down every crevice of the house I began to think about the song by Gravel and Wine called Black Sheep. It reminded me of one of my close friends who beats to her own drum and who is naturally repulsed by anything that everyone is into. It’s a pretty bad-ass song. (Ahem, that’s me Melissa)

After having such a connection with the song, I began to think about other songs that remind me of certain people. Think it is an easy task? It is not. Thanks to my best friend Melissa I have been turned on to some obscure music, and now that I scour Spotify daily for new tunes, it becomes hard to narrow it down to one song for some people.

Roxette- It Must Have Been Love

I can remember the first time a song reminded me of someone. I was in first grade and the song was Roxette’s It Must Have Been Love. It reminded me of my mom. Now before you get an Oedipus Rex read off of my song choice, you have to understand I am a Mama’s boy. I am a neurotic mess remember? Just like my mom. Two peas in a pod. To this day I vividly remember walking into first grade and bursting into tears after she dropped me off at school because the tune of this song was stuck in my head and made me miss her all day. Gay little boy.

Bear Hands- Giants

There are a ton of songs that I could list that remind me of the love of my life, Bradley. He is a big deal. But I won’t bore anyone with the sappy reasons why this man is the Matt to my Melissa. I will just let Bear Hand’s Giants elaborate on how this man makes me feel. He is my most Favourite Thing and Yuna would agree. (Think of that special someone and listen to Northern Wind by City and Colour and then try not to be moved by everything about this song.)

Kyle Andrews- The Way to Wonder

Too many songs to pick for my best friend Melissa. Hello. The first would be representative of when we lived together. The year of 2012 was full of changes for us both that we experienced together and Kyle Andrews’ The Way to Wonder would sum it all up. But to highlight a few Judy and the Bee moments in history check out Metric’s Stadium Love which reminds me of our first trip to NOLA’s Voodoo Fest together. Then there is that one time we stayed out late on a school night to jam with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes’ concert and drive home blasting, what song? Home.

Groove Stain- Shut Down

Speaking of homes, I would consider mine to be in Nashville with Bradley but at the end of the day I am an Atlanta boy and it will always hold a special place in my heart… Until I have to get on an interstate in that city. Groove Stain’s Shut Down definitely reminds me of home home in Atlanta.

Air Traffic Controller- Hurry, Hurry

And finally, when I think about what song would sum up me as a person it’s not even a close race. It’s Air Traffic Controller’s Hurry, Hurry. In case I didn’t say it enough I am neurotic and anxious all the time and this song is not only awesome in sound but pretty much the title track to the daily life inside my head.


What songs always remind you of a particular person?  Leave Bee a comment and tell him or let him know what you think of his playlist!

Like he said, too many song remind me of him.  So who can narrow it down?  I’ll select one that I know he loves to hate:

Vampire Weekend- Mansard Roof

One thought on “Guest Post: A Dinner Party Playlist

  1. wow, I skimmed this first and didn’t think it would work, but then got into it.

    Great post

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