The Consultant

Today’s 100 word story for Lance’s 100 Word Song post inspired by The Primitive’s “Crash”.   Go visit and join the fun!

“I need reporting showing sales from each of our entities broken out by region and revenue stream.”

“Got it.”

“Also, each morning I need to see all sales for the previous day and noon projections for the current day.”

“Of course.”

“And the information for all of these figures needs to be obtain and sorted from eighteen different sources.”

“No problem.”


“You know our software can’t do any of the things you just promised, right?”

“Don’t worry about that, you’ll figure it out. “

“If you don’t slow down and stop writing checks our asses can’t cash, we’re gonna crash.”




Stay positive & love your life!





Listening to: 

Eating:  Some pasta concoction made from all the fridge scraps last night.

Drinking:  Blue Monster

Random thought:  Once a scorpion, always a scorpion.

3 thoughts on “The Consultant

  1. I thought I was eavesdropping on a conversation between my boss and his bosses! (We’re the last to know about deadlines he’s promised…)

  2. I’ve had bosses who would do that, and if the job didn’t work out, throw everyone else under the bus.

  3. ha ha…typical corporate world 🙂

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