Let Me Drown

I could not abandon my buddy Lance’s 100 Word Song blog hop two weeks in a row.  And when I saw this week’s selection was a 90s gem, I knew I had to fire up my keyboard and bang out a quick 100!

I’m not sure why this song made me think addict, but it did.  Here are my painful 100 based on October Project’s “Deep As You Go”.
I’d watched his eyes roll back, his jaw soften; his arms go limp. He called it taking a trip, a trip to a place where I could never follow.

Sometimes I’d place my cheek over his mouth and feel the tickle of his breath, my eyes watching for his chest to rise and fall.

Sometimes I’d lie on my back on the cold floor and count ceiling tiles or name  state capitals.

Sometimes I’d merely listen to the clock tick and let the tears fall freely from my eyes; my soul drowning in sorrow. And he let me drown.





Stay positive & love your life!






9 thoughts on “Let Me Drown

  1. I like the drown line and I also really dig the dark confessional. Very strong 100 and welcome back.

  2. That last line was the killer, a powerful 100.

  3. oh. oh wow. yes, I’m sure that’s exactly how it feels to be helpless in the face of someone else’s addiction.

    Powerful, sad and wow.
    that last line just gutted me.

  4. Ooh, I like the dark tone you went with for the song. I hadn’t thought of addict, but I think it really works!

  5. The “And he let me drown” is the line that just pierces the heart. Wow. Great job.

  6. Gorgeous. I love the helpless, hopeless tone and the way she just can’t seem to drag herself up to the surface, at least, not without abandoning him. Wonderful piece.

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