Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: Till Next Time

Here we are; it’s the very last week of Twisted Mix Tape.  All my favorite blog hops are leaving me!  Hopefully some of the buddies I’ve met through this blog will join me in the fun of my new blog hop every Friday.  Five for Friday will be an ever changing theme of lists of five.  Last week I divulged some of my personal weaknesses.  Go check it out!  It’s not too late to link up and share.  And be sure to come back this Friday…and one after and the one after that.

Goodbyes, I kind of suck at them.  So I’ll take Jen’s word that this is simply a “see you later”.  We’ll all return to share music and life later.  And if she doesn’t return to host, I know at least a few of us would be honored to take up the helm.  Thanks Jen for introducing me to so many great bloggers and friends.  You rock!

Here are my 5 goodbye songs….they follow the theme a bit loosely, but are solid jams nonetheless.

The Cars- Touch and Go


Tegan and Sara- Call It Off


Ballyhoo!- Walk Away


Marcy Playground- Bye, Bye



And of course I’m going to end with 311.  As the song says, I’ll be here a while.  So come say hi Twisted Mixtapers.  Don’t be strangers!

311- I’ll Be Here a While


Stay positive and love your life!




Listening to: 

Eating:  Arugula and pecan salad.


14 thoughts on “Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: Till Next Time

  1. Marcy they bring back memories (Sex & Candy anyone?)
    a good list, but I expected it from you (of course!)

    thanks for all the introductions to new music.

  2. …that’s another thing about the TMTT that I loved (“…why, yes, I seemed to have walked into the room talking!”), it’s that effect of “Hey! I know that song!” the name of the song or the group may be meaningless, but then we hear the music. Says something about how much input we are exposed to without necessarily being aware of, ya know?

  3. Great combination of music for the last TMTT. I, too, am bad at goodbyes so much prefer see ya later, and I’ve never heard that song “I’ll be here a while” and I LOVE IT! I’m downloading it now so thanks so much for the introduction!!!

  4. oooo you posted some of my all time favorite songs!!!

    xoxo, Tara

  5. As usual you are the yin to my yang and I love it. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t even know Tegan and Sara, did you ever listen to Frente? Her voice reminds me a little…
    Also LOVED Ballyhoo, totally new to me, just stuck it on my list of songs to check out on iTunes….
    And Marcy Playground was a blast from the (recent) past.
    Thanks for playing always and sharing your love of music with us.
    Have no fear! We are coming back. In the fall we will be back with the first Tuesday of every month link-up. It will be more manageable for all of us. Between now and then I WILL finish my book 😉 and get in a super long vacay to South Carolina. So think of some fresh topics my friend, we’ll be ready.

  6. Love the Five for Friday idea. Will definitely check it out!

    If you get a chance stop over to my TMTT post today and read about my MusicAtoZ blog hop. I think you might enjoy it 🙂

  7. you still have 100 word song …. you’re welcome, anytime, neighbor

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