Hello Spring You Beautiful Bastion of Hope!

You guys….guess what?  That cold, heartless biyotch winter is on her way out.  So long.  Sayonara.  Don’t let the door hit ya!


This is me.  You see how happy this lizard is?  OMG sunshine!  I love you.  Please shine your warm radiance upon my skin!

And that is the extent of this post.  Next to music and maybe beer, weather might be the other “thing” that truly makes me happy.  I plan to crank up some tunes, roll the windows down and soak up some serious happy this weekend!


Stay positive & love your life!




Listening to:  KONGOS – This Time I Won’t Forget

Eating:  Tofu scramble

Random thought:  I’m pretty stinking happy right now.  Can a person be too happy?  Is that even possible?

3 thoughts on “Hello Spring You Beautiful Bastion of Hope!

  1. Man, we’re looking yet ANOTHER round of snow early next week up here in northern VA. I’m OVER it. Softball fields are soaked, muddy messes. Last year… rain. This year… snow. Bleugh.

  2. Amen. While the weather doesn’t agree yet, the calendar change gives me hope.

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