Trifecta: I Less Than Three You


“I’ll not ask you again. The code, what does it mean?”

“It’s not a code. Shock me all you like, you’ll not worm it out of me. You’re awfully dense for a spy.”



**Blogger’s Note**

Love has been on my mind 24/7 lately since my major weekend event.  I’m engaged!  So I was hoping that Trifecta would provide me with a great prompt this week with which to spin a lovey-dovey tale sure to make everyone cringe from the sappiness.  But not surprisingly, they provided a prompt that can very easily be taken in a twisted, dark direction (why I frequent this link-up!)  So my 33-word tale is tinged with crazy while still incorporating love, in  a sense.


Stay positive & love your life.





Listening to:  St. Vincent – Chloe In The Afternoon

Eating:  brussel sprouts, quinoa burger, black beans, sweet potato

Random thought:  Love changes everything.


14 thoughts on “Trifecta: I Less Than Three You


    such happy news! 🙂 and great piece!

  2. Congratulations! This was a fun (dark) piece.

  3. So wonderful Melissa! Your engagement and these 33 words!

  4. Great! And many congratulations! 🙂

  5. Great news, congratulations!
    Love the entry, and I hope the love between you and yours is always obvious.

  6. Well, I needed ❤ explained to me. I only asked, no threats were required, and I was told. Though when in all innocence I asked what 69 was, I met only with embarrassed stares.

  7. Nothing says “Love” quite like jumper cables.

  8. Congratulations, Melissa!! Fantastic title. Feeling sorry for the spy.

  9. CONGRATULATIONS! I love that you shared that news with us. I look forward to lovey-doveyness another time, but I love the dark humor here. 🙂

  10. Congratulations!! And keep the dark stuff coming! Thanks for linking up.

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