The Non-Post Post

It’s strange how our hobbies have a way of eventually stressing us out.  I enjoy gardening, but at some point I’m out there griping about pulling weeds instead of doing something “fun”.  Or I’ll be super excited to start a new book while simultaneously stressing over finishing the one I’m currently reading (because I simply cannot leave a book unfinished….dumb rule, I know).  I enjoy working out, but inevitably I bitch and moan about getting up early to go to the gym.  It really seems like there is nothing in life that we can find joy in 100% of the time.  Even hobbies take work.

My writing, at times lately, has felt like one of those hobbies.  Some days I just do not feel like writing.  I may have a great idea, but the thought of putting pen to paper….or fingers to keyboard, makes me think blehch.  Sometimes blogging feels like a chore.  Because blogging isn’t just writing.  It’s networking.  It’s reading.  It’s marketing.  It’s responding to comments.  It’s being okay when a post gets a lot fewer views than you think it deserves.  It’s suppressing jealousy when others get way more attention.  It’s just,  a lot sometimes.


Earlier this week I accepted an invitation for a permanent writing spot over at Lefty Pop.  I’m simultaneously honored, excited, and a bit horrified.  This is an assignment with a deadline.  This is another site depending on my work each week.  This is responsibility masquerading as hobby.  I think I’ll knock it out of the park, but I need to acknowledge a tinge of stress creeping in around the edges and remind myself that I ENJOY writing.

Here we are some 280 words later where I’ve written a post that originated because I didn’t have a post for today.  Maybe I’ll be alright after all.

Stay positive & love your life.



Listening to: St. Vincent – Psychopath


8 thoughts on “The Non-Post Post

  1. Hopefully once you’re into it, with a more narrow scope than our general blogs, the topics and writing there will come easily

  2. I’m sure you’ll be fine, if your not you can always write about why you’re not 🙂

  3. Your neuroses are why you’re perfect for Lefty Pop. You’re welcome, neighbor.

  4. I have to agree with your points in this post. Very true.

  5. I think you’ll do just fine. Good luck! I will pop over there and check you out. I just found your blog and I really like the bit you do at the end “today”!

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