Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: So So Def Melissa Allstars

Jen asked for guilty pleasures this week.   I think I could likely fill an entire week’s place list with some of the turds hiding in my list.  Even a music snob is subject to allowing a not-so-cool character into the party every now and then.  Most of what resides in my closet of musical skeletons is so tightly wrapped in nostalgia that I’ll never be able to part from it.  And I’m not embarrassed.  These songs, at some point in my life, were on repeat in my room, on my Walkman, or in a friend’s car.  I went with a theme within a theme this week and picked all rap/hip-hop tunes.  While I was a atl rock chick for sure in HS, these jams infiltrated a nearly embarrassment-free, guitar heavy, meaningful/deep lyrics laden Seattle love fest.

First on the list is a not so safe for work jam out of Atlanta Ga.  Yes, a bunch of country-ass white girls used to roll through the street’s of Branford, FL blasting this.


Luniz- I Got Five on It

I’m sure my Mom and Dad loved this.

INOJ-Love You Down

Again, I’m sure parent’s were thrilled with the message.

OK, these two take us back a bit further.  My older cousins listened to these songs, so of course I thought they were the coolest.

Linear- Sending All My Love

Timmy T- One More Try


I should do an entire playlist dedicated to songs that were played at every dance I ever went to in HS.  That list would be so amazing awful/awesome that the internet may explode.  Here’s one of those songs.

12 Gauge- Dunkie Butt

Folks, twerking isn’t new.  Miley is simply ripping off 90s jam dance moves.  And parents our music wasn’t as innocent as you’d like to remember.  Case in point-

Yes, I still love every song on this list.  Sorry, I’m not sorry.


Stay positive & love your life!




Listening to:  Market Place on NPR

Eating:  Hummus wrap

Drinking:  Water

Random thought:  Where are all of the animals on Walking Dead?  Some of them would have made it away from the zombies, right?  No birds, dog, cats at all?

9 thoughts on “Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: So So Def Melissa Allstars

  1. Egad!Some guilty pleasures are best left unexposed to the light.

    Add DiVinyls – I Touch Myself for me.

  2. Ok so what’s wrong with me that I’ve never heard of any of these? Actually, that’s not true. I know the song Linear- Sending All My Love, I just didn’t know who sang it. And I love how you said “Sorry, I’m not sorry!” HAHA to guilty pleasures in music!

  3. Oh and it’s totally stuck in my head now 😉

  4. Thanks for taking me back to the 80s with Tommy T & Sending All My Love. Now I have dunkie butt in my head!

  5. OK and here is the true test that we grew up in such different decades! I didn’t know one of these songs!!! But, they were pretty catchy, I’m gonna listen to them again to see if any of them warrant a space on my music list!

  6. At first glance, I didn’t think I knew ANY of these songs!

    Then, Let Me Love You Down sounded really familiar…I had to Google it to figure it out, but the Ready for the World version — the original — was a staple at my junior high school dances. Odd message to relay to a bunch of raging hormonal timebombs, but hey…it was the late 80s/early 90s.

    Sending All My Love was another blast from my junior high past; my left brain didn’t recognize the name of the song or the artist, but my right brain certainly did.

    Ditto One More Try.

    And Dunkie Butt…? Holy Hannah, it’s Baby Got Back‘s long-lost twin brother!

    Awesome list. Thanks for the education and the memories!

    And what is with the lack of animals on TWD? I’ve wondered myself.

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