Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: Till My Lungs Collapse

Workout songs!  This is just the mixtape I needed today! Thanks for the boost Jen!

I love music and I love fitness.  I REALLY do love it, I know that seems odd to 90% of you.  I’ve often said running or hitting the gym is my therapy.  I’ve said the same thing about music too.  So workout music must be doubly therapeutic right?  Thing is, not a lot of my music “likes” always lend them selves well to a hardcore workout.  Rock works, but guys in with long beards and oddly high voices (ie. my indie picks) do not.  I tend to find myself listening to either heavy rock or rap or rappish hip-hop with some techno/dance/dubstep added in for good measure.   A lot of the stuff I love to sweat to would not be something I really listen to during the day.


Here are five songs that may pop up on my playlist:

Galvanize- The Chemical Brothers

This one is my absolute favorite.  It will give me a burst of motivation anytime I need it.  I’ve hit repeat on many an occasion.

Eminem- I’m a Soldier

Hard to pick one Eminem song for this.

Eve- Tambourine

Skrillex- Bangarang

When is dubstep okay to jam to?  When you’re on the Step Mill.  It makes me feel like a Transformer.

Die Antwoord- Fatty Boom Boom

**Okay, this song…and all of their songs are NSFW**  Likely one of the strangest bands I listen to and that’s saying A LOT.  Also, love how crudely they pick on Gaga.  Song actually starts at 1:55.



One rock song for you because you know that’s my fave.  I left them out of the main list because this genre gets a feature nearly every week, and I couldn’t choose just one or five…or 20.

Pantera- Walk

Pantera is perfect for lifting.


What do you workout to?


Stay positive & love your life!




Listening to:  Queens Of The Stone Age – “You Got A Killer Scene There, Man…”

Eating:  Tofu scramble and protein pancakes.

Random fact:  This may be the first year I’m actually lamenting my birthday a bit.  I have adored my 30s so far, but sometimes getting older sucks!





14 thoughts on “Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: Till My Lungs Collapse

  1. I’m with you on lamenting getting older.

    I would like to work out next to you working out to those songs because it would inspire me to work harder to get away before the music took over and you unleashed carnage on the gym!

    Doesn’t anyone work out to Patsy Cline anymore? 😉

  2. Okay – so I didn’t know any of these (cringe). I really liked the Eve one 🙂 I feel I should spend more time looking for her stuff because I’ve never really paid her much attention, but every time I hear her, I like her.

    • Well, you know them now! Guaranteed to get ya moving! I don’t know a lot of Eve either. Heard this song years back on So Ya Think Ya Can Dance and downloaded it.

      • Haha! I have a few on my iPod courtesy of “So You Think You Can Dance” and Glee. I try not to think that it’s a sign of my age that this is how I find new music….

  3. Shoot, between all these entries, I think I’m gonna have one killer “get your arse to work” mix!

  4. You know my fave would have to be the Pantera. While I love all your other picks, I just can’t work out to any kind of hip hop, techno, or anything else I associate with “dance music”. I look absolutely ridiculous busting out dancing on the treadmill.

  5. This is definitely a list that will make you move! Wow! I’ve already downloaded a couple and couldn’t stop watching the Galvanize video.

  6. Aha!!! Totally agree about Skrillex! I will admit that if it weren’t for Just Dance I wouldn’t know who they were. But….. I do know, and they are perfect for working out!

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