Trifecta: Wake Me When It’s Over

This week’s Trifecta Writing Challenge asked for 33 words based on this picture:


Thomas Leuthard / / CC BY

Ugh, so boring.

These cases

and motions

and the Latin.

Always the damn Latin!

But father would be proud.

His footsteps followed.

At least she’d have that after the dullness finally overcame her.

**Blogger’s Note**

This prompt got me thinking about the professions we choose and how we arrive at a career.  I know that what I’m doing is definitely not what I set out to do as an undergrad!

We’ve been dealing with a lot of legal at work right now and reading through pages and pages of legalease makes my eyes bleed.  That is one profession that does not spark my interest much at all, at least not on the corporate end of the practice.  So I imagined the girl in the image in law school or maybe studying for the bar.

Stay positive & love your life!




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25 thoughts on “Trifecta: Wake Me When It’s Over

  1. Love it! 33 words, and you’ve told us all about the woman!

    I’d have gone with something about reflections and chess.
    Or checkers.
    Never would have thought to go in the direction you did. Well done!

  2. Kind of sad she isn’t following her own dreams and only the dreams of her father. That won’t lead to true happiness. Nice take!

  3. I’m with you, Mel. She looks bored out of her mind! Maybe in another universe she’ll leave the books and go off with the tennis player!
    Great take!

  4. Make your life’s work something that makes your heart sing. What an important lesson. Too bad she followed somebody else’s path instead of her own. Good background on your character, just the same. 🙂 Well done.

  5. If I were doing this prompt, this is how I felt (and write this). Doing this for someone else. I don’t know why; it is the vibe I got, too. So…in my opinion, very well perceived.

  6. some classes are so tough so your story, very realistic. good scene set up, Melissa.

  7. Makes me sad thinking about her future–stuck doing something she hates to please someone else. And, in my imagination, her father’s one who is never satisfied. So, that made me even sadder for her.

  8. I wonder if she will have children to follow in her footsteps? You have painted a huge story in just a few words LM x

  9. Always the damn Latin – Love this line. Great take on the prompt and interesting write after as well.

  10. This made me smile -loved the voice in here Melissa and I so agree,one should never choose things that are not of interest -many make that mistake of choosing a field which is “happening” or has “potential” and then they suffer forever!

  11. There’s humor here, but also a certain bleakness and resignation. I find myself wishing she’d just toss it all aside and join the circus. 🙂 (Oh, Latin – it was my favorite subject in school, actually. I absolutely loved it. I’m just that kind of nerd.)

    • Yeah, it’s that kind of humor that isn’t so funny under the surface. Makes you wonder what her dreams are….
      We only had Spanish in HS. I think I would have liked Latin.

  12. Agreed. Two years of Latin was enough for me haha

  13. I loved Latin. But I think that if she keeps doing what she loathes, she’s got a long, brutal life in front of her. RUN!! 🙂 Thanks for linking up.

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