100 Word Song Challenge: Take It To the Sky (The Guest Part XXIII)

100 more words of The Guest for this week’s 100 Word Song Challenge.  Prompt song for the week:  Tori Amos “Take to the Sky”

New to The Guest?  Get caught up here.

“I feel like I’m moving in circles, ya know?” I said to Beth over the phone. I knew things had gotten really confusing any time I reached out for advice from my big sister. She was full of great insight and ideas, but she had a challenging time reserving her judgment.

“Once I think we’re okay, there she goes again, just, well, acting like a weirdo.” My confession felt good. This is the first time I’d acknowledged to someone else that I was struggling with whatever she was putting me through.

“So let me have it. What do you think?”


Stay positive & love your life!




Listening to:  Boss Hog – Sick

Eating:  Leftover tofu and macaroni casserole.

Random thought:  Holy crap is the Shaky Knees festival line-up insane this year.  So excited!



11 thoughts on “100 Word Song Challenge: Take It To the Sky (The Guest Part XXIII)

  1. sometimes the only person who will understand is a sibling.

    I liked the flow of this and the confession “feeling good” was a great way to illustrate the see saw of feelings that comes with admitting something. It does feel good to say some things out loud.

  2. *sigh* I no longer talk to my sister. It’s complex. You capture that here. Good stuff.

  3. I like how you fit the song in!! Also, I really relate to this… having a relationship or situation that you rarely feel comfortable confiding about to anyone, and then finally “coming clean.” Great way to evoke that in so few words!

  4. I normally LOATHE letting family in on my troubles – they’re not judgmental when I do, but I ALWAYS fear that they will be. As always dear, you captured the emotion perfectly (or “poifectly,” if you’d prefer.) Now, rock ON!

  5. So true. You know you’re really in a bind when you’ve gotta ask the family for advice. lol

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