100 Word Song: Limelight (The Guest Part XXI)

This week’s songspiration comes by way of our friends in the great, white north, Canada to be specific:  Rush’s “Limelight”.  Rush is a strange band with even stranger fans.  Their lyrics, saga-like albums, and overall approach to music speaks to my inner nerd.  What a great prompt for this crazy little tale I’m concocting.Check out last week’s installment here:  https://melstepp01.wordpress.com/2014/01/08/100-word-song-starting-over-the-guest-part-xx/

Next time I’ll provide a link of the entire story to date.  I’m actually a little nervous to read it as a piece, because I’m not sure how well these little choppy bits will fit together.  Cohesively?  We shall see.  This is my first stab a  longer story.

And now, The Guest Part XXI-

And just like that, things were back to normal, at least some sense of what normal would mean for me now. We relaxed back into our routine. She visited Cubbie’s grave-site each day at noon when the sun sat high on its perch. Me, I resumed my role as the supporting act to her lead. This was, after all, her show. Though at times I felt ill-equipped to act, I was destined for this part.

So we moved on with our lives and everything seemed fine, great even. The nightmare that had been the underlying theme seemed to have passed.


Stay positive & love your life!




Listening to:  George Ezra – Budapest

Eating:  Black beans, black rice, veggies, and soysage.

Random thought:  I’ve been thinking about the sun and beach all morning.  By the time warm weather arrives, I’ll be jumping out of my skin!


5 thoughts on “100 Word Song: Limelight (The Guest Part XXI)

  1. until??? (I can feel the “but” coming) and that’s a great way to end a story.
    I liked the flow of this piece and LIMELIGHT is a favorite song of mine from my middle/High School days.

    I actually know a very loyal RUSH Fan and yes, she is a bit peculiar and mildly obsessed. 😉

    great piece.

  2. I have a bad feeling this nightmare isn’t really over.

  3. Oooh – “…seemed to have passed.” Famous last words, eh? Also, such a great description of such a human emotion “…felt ill-equipped to act”. Good stuff!

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