100 Word Song: Starting Over (The Guest Part XX)

100 Word Song is back this week and Lance & Leeroy have started the year off with a John Lennon tune, “(Just Like) Starting Over”.  It’s a great fit to continue my The Guest series considering what happened last time (click here to catch up).

And now, part XX:

I followed her inside like a scolded puppy. It was as if my body and mind operated independently. I knew I shouldn’t follow. I knew I should’ve cut the ties several episodes ago. But our life together was so precious, and despite it all, I couldn’t let her go.

So I told myself I’d give it one more chance. She’d be back to normal and it’d be like before. We’d be together again, on our own, like we used to be: no mystery pod creature, no strange aquarium disasters, and no comatose girlfriend. It’d be just like starting over, again.


I also wanted to take the time today to make you guys aware of a great site for gift giving, Uncommongoods.com.  They have some great stuff in a variety of price ranges.  It’s a great place to find something for someone who likes the nerdy and off-the-wall or that person who really does have everything.  I’ve picked up some really cool stuff for my folks here and just last month scored a super cute wedding gift for a couple in their thirties who are well established (ie. they don’t need a damn toaster).  Check it out:


You put the heart pin where you met.   I thought it was super adorable.

There are only a few sites that I tend to come back to time and time again, and this is one of them.  They always have new, interesting stuff.  Check them out!




Be careful when you get their catalog; you’ll want everything in there!

Stay positive & love your life!



Listening to: Banks – This Is What It Feels Like

Eating:  The rest of the sesame ch’kin.  Yum.

First song that popped into my head this morning:

Random thought:  I amazed at the human subconscious and what it can “create”.   I am dreamer.  I literally dream every night AND always remember my dreams upon waking.  I sometimes wake myself crying.  Sometimes I work out solutions to problems via my dreams.  And usually I awake with a song on the brain.  How did this Pet Shop Boys song end up being the first thing on my mind this morning?  Analyze away.






5 thoughts on “100 Word Song: Starting Over (The Guest Part XX)

  1. Curiouser and curiouser… seems like both Matt and his girlfriend are morphing into their own symbiotic union.

  2. “…no comatose girlfriend…” And now I’m intrigued! 🙂 Great way to pull us in if we’re new to the story! (visiting from 100 Word Song)

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