Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: Can You Believe I Own This Album?

I’m a music snob.  Shocker, right?  I’m sure you couldn’t tell that by the obscene number of music related posts.  I like to think I have excellent taste in music.  It’s clearly way above average.  I mean, I check off the majority of the music snob test questions:

  • I make music references that I’m confident no one will get….but then I’m a little disappointed if they do get them.
  • I love the obscure.  It makes me feel like a pioneer when I find a new band……but then I’m secretly upset when they become mainstream.
  • I love, love, love sharing new music with folks…..but then I’m disappointed if they have already heard of it.
  • If you don’t agree with my music taste,  I judge you as having poor taste in music…..but we can still be friends (though Trailor Swift would make it iffy).
  • I have never and will never listen to anything mainstream and am proud of every album I’ve purchased……YEAH RIGHT!

You see, my musical selections are not beyond reproach.  There are many musical skeletons in my closet.  I wish I could blame them all on the wayward tastes of a younger me, but alas, no.   Sometimes I just like the things I know I shouldn’t.  Sometimes I like things that are hot garbage!  And you know what guys, that’s A-OK!  That’s what separates me from a nasty hipster.  You see, I actually like all of the oddball, weirdo shit I listen to AND I also like some (be it few and far between) with which no self-respecting hipster would dare mar their listening sensibilities.  Snob, yes.  But as this week’s Twisted Mixtape will reveal, even the biggest snob falls short of perfection.

This week Jen asked us for a Biggest Mistake type of playlist, well I think we can all agree that purchasing what follows could easily fall under that header:

Can you believe I own this album?

Fefe Dobson- 2003

The song:  Take Me Away

I’m not sure how to explain the moment that caused this purchase.  Oh wait, it is was this damn song.  Isn’t she super cute with her tough girl persona?  More believable than some I’ve seen.

Tracy Lawrence- For the Love (2007)

The song:  Find Out Who Your Friends Are

This song is the complete antithesis of what I like, so I’m not sure how or why this snuck into my shopping cart or why I listened to it on repeat.  Note:  I did in fact hate the rest of the album. 

Afroman- The Good Times (2001)

The song:  Because I Got High

Did I really need to buy this whole album?  I’m sure I could have guessed at the contents.  At least Jay and Silent Bob are in the video.

Chumbawamba- Tubthumper (1997)

The song:  Tubthumping

I still like this song.  So there.

Actually, I dig this whole album.  It’s full of super odd, political music with bizarre interludes.

Limp Bizkit- Several albums (late 90s, early 2000s)

Yeah, everyone knows Fred Durst is a douche.  Yeah, the lyrics and vocals are kinda whatever.  But the music rocks.  I listened to them.  A LOT.  I blame Matt.

The song:  Pollution

DJ, hard, and rap-rocky, yep, pure late 90s.

So let me have it!  I’m awaiting the daggers from you fellow music snobs.  Bring it!

Stay positive & love your life!



Listening to: Forest Swords – Thor’s Stone

Eating:  Seasame ch’kin stir-fry.

Random thought:  I should be far more embarrassed of buying Sugar Ray’s later album than anything on this list.

17 thoughts on “Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: Can You Believe I Own This Album?

  1. I knew it..I knew you had a sort of, maybe-just-one album that I could relate to.
    Plus I love how you looked at Past Mistakes. 🙂

    as for Tubthumper ..takes me right back to my college senior year, my best friend Noelle and my brother starting his DJ career at my alma mater. All good, sweet memories.

    you are the best music snob I know.

  2. My musical sister! I too am a music snob lol. Anyone who also dislikes Taylor Swift is my best friend. Never be embarrassed by Afroman. I quote that song as least once a week along with references from the movie Friday.

    • Yes! Brought together by a mutual distaste is Taylor Swift. I love it!
      At least Afroman sings about real life issues. BTW I don’t trust a person who hasn’t seen/doesn’t quote Friday.

  3. I’ll admit to owning 3 of these as well. Anyone that knows me, can figure the Bizkit is one of them and the Tracy Lawrence is definitely NOT one of them. I too had some strange obsession about the Fefe Dobson song. And I’m pleading temporary insanity for Tubthumping.

  4. OH! OOOOOOH! What a great way to do that-albums that you don’t want to admit you town…. I also own Tubthumper, but I love that song and I don’t know why!

    Now I have to think really hard about albums I hate to admit owning… but most of the ones I still actually possess are pretty good. The rest of them got traded in a loooooooong time ago.

    Thanks for the good time!

  5. Albums you don’t want to admit you “own”, not “town”. Stupid keyboard…

  6. LOL! I love it, Melissa! I haven’t heard Chumbawamba is so long, wow what a trip down memory lane. We actually used to call one of the teachers at school Chumbawamba, the year that song came out. I have no idea why now though 🙂 I have a big smile on my face imagining the contents of the rest of the Afroman album! I also have a box full of CDs that I look at and think “What exactly possessed me to think I needed to OWN this??” haha … I guess we make those musical mistakes so our kids can have something to laugh about in the future!

  7. I think of “Tubthumping” as a guilty pleasure, too. I’ve always liked the fact that they included a line spoken by Pete Postlethwaite’s character in “Brassed Off.”

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this post. Funny and well done.

  9. Duh. I always knew you were a music snob. But it’s nice to see the underbelly of your CD collection! Thank you for showing us you could be normal if you tried 😉
    Love your take. I could add a few myself. Can you say “Spin Doctors?”

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