Five for Friday: 5 Reality Shows I Can’t Get Enough Of

After yesterday’s highly opinionated and somewhat disdained editorial on Uber, I thought I’d dedicate my 5 for Friday post to something much more light-hearted, reality TV.  Ahhh, the garbage of the programming world!  Reality TV is simultaneously enjoyed and vilified.  But if you’ve turned on a TV in the last decade or so, you know it’s inescapable.

While some of what I watch could be deemed quite educational, the rest smacks of purely pointless (and somewhat mind-numbing) entertainment.  Check out my five and then let me know yours!

Number 5:  American Pickers- History Channel


I just can’t get enough of shows that deal with stuff, specifically old stuff.  My fascination started with Antique Roadshow grew with Storage Wars and Pawn Stars, but these guys are my absolute favorite.  Each episode is an adventure, a history lesson, and a new chance to meet the great “characters” inhabiting the rural parts of our country.

Number 4:  Master Chef- Fox


Give me any show with Gordon Ramsey.  I can’t get enough.  This is just one of many cooking shows I watch on a regular basis (Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, Iron Chef, Cutthroat Kitchen, Good Eats….yeah, pretty much anything with Alton Brown too or on Food Network).  I love this one because of the home cook concept.  I think it’s really neat seeing normal Joes getting so into the culinary arts.

Number 3:  Breaking the Faith- TLC


Though I’m not a religious person, those who know me know I’m obsessed with religion.  I find it absolutely fascinating.  I simply can’t learn enough.  Most faiths have a truly entertaining (and usually gory) history.  The Mormon religion is one that has held my attention for many years.  While the LDS (Latter Day Saints) church has moved away/evolved from some of the very early tenants of the religion, the FLDS (Fundamentalists Latter Day Saints) still keep practice with the old school beliefs and (as with many fundamentalists groups) take them to a cult level that is terrifying.  While this show is a bit contrived, it’s a good watch.  Warren Jeffs is a complete freak.

Number 2:  Here Comes Honey Boo Boo- TLC


Man, I was really doing great up to this one.   I can’t help it.  I love this farting, grungy, WT family.  Despite all of their short comings, it’s clear they are a family and they truly love one another.  I get points for that right?

Number 1:  VICE- HBO


Gonzo style journalism that shines a light of some of the most horrific and best kept secrets in world politics and culture.  I watch every episode with my jaw hitting the ground and feel like I come out a much better informed person.  My favorite thing about this show is that it does not pass judgement on these other cultures, it simply reports the facts and allows the viewer to shape their own thoughts and feelings.  Anxiously awaiting season two!

Honorable Mentions:

Bar Rescue- Spike

That Jon Taffer is a genius.

Shipping Wars-A&E

Pretty sure 90% of this show is fake, but I still find it entertaining.

Prospectors- The Weather Channel

This one almost made the top 5.  It was edged out due to the unreliable broadcast times.  Every time there is crazy weather (all the damn time), TWC boots it for coverage.  Give it a watch, mining is cool, dangerous, interesting stuff.

What are your favorites?

Stay positive & love your life.



Listening to:  The Weeknd – Kiss Land

Eating:  Left over collard greens, black-eyed peas, ch’kin.

Random thought:  With all of the reality shows currently airing or airing in the past, is it only a matter of time before we start watching fry cooks, cashiers, etc. and finding it entertaining?


2 thoughts on “Five for Friday: 5 Reality Shows I Can’t Get Enough Of

  1. I am a big fan of Gordon Ramsay too. He and his temper always seems to make for good entertainment. And note to self: must watch VICE.

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