Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: Dealer’s Choice

Here’s my meager attempt at keeping my blog somewhat current in the face of what can only be described as chaos!  Writing time remains at nil and lunch time remains at “hurry up and throw some typr of nutrients down your throat”.  So my post for Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday this week is somewhat unstructured and slightly half-assed.  This week Jen gave us a dealer’s choice meaning we can pick whichever theme and songs we wish.  So given my time constraints, I simply set my iPod to shuffle and made you this little playlist.  I think for nearly zero effort, it turned out pretty good.  It’s also a great representation of the variety of music I enjoy.  If you’d like to read a music post I actually put some time and thought into, check out last week’s Five for Friday where I give you my 5 favorite albums of 2013.

Queens of the Stone Age- Never Say Never (Cover of Romeo Void)

Telepopmusik- Don’t Look Back

Led Zeppelin- D’yer Maker

Outkast- Speedballin’

The Lemonheads- Dawn Can’t Decide


Stay positive & love your life!







8 thoughts on “Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: Dealer’s Choice

  1. Liked the QOTSA choice (or happy shuffle accident) and loved the LZ! May have to look into Lemonheads a bit more if that’s representative since I enjoyed it as well.

  2. What a great idea – I think I am going to start making mixes based on shuffling my iPod! Have a great holiday!

  3. D’Yer Maker is such a great tune and so is the Lemonheads one.

  4. I enjoyed the variety of your mix (and yay Zeppelin).

  5. Love. Every. Song.

    I will be stealing this mixtape, you can;t stop me

  6. I have never heard of these songs but I am adding them to my gym playlist. For when I wog and need that extra boost.

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