100 Word Song: Nearly Lost You (The Guest Part XVI)

This week I return to write for 100 Word Song AND had the honor of selecting the tune!  I didn’t give it too much thought this time.  I just decided I’d go with the first thing that popped up on my shuffle.  Thankfully it is a solid tune and one which lends itself nicely to my ongoing story The Guest.  I also happen to think it worked its way into Lance’s story quite well!  Enjoy:   Screaming Trees’ “Nearly Lost You”  (Also, if you haven’t seen the movie Singles, go watch it.  Now.)

Catch up on the last episode here.

And now let’s see what is going on as Thanksgiving dinner is being prepared.
Snapping out of my shock, I smiled back at her. “I’m just a bit surprised is all. I mean, you haven’t been yourself for weeks. I thought I’d nearly lost you.” I said my expression moving from joy to concern.

“Huh,” she said shrugging casually. “I don’t really remember much of the last few weeks.” And then she continued her chopping, measuring, and stirring.

I shivered. Essentially she’d just gone through a month-long fugue state and here she was humming her way through Thanksgiving,  turkey and all! And here I was waiting for whatever had taken her “there” to return.


Stay positive & love your life!





10 thoughts on “100 Word Song: Nearly Lost You (The Guest Part XVI)

  1. Chilling! Going back to catch up on the whole story – really intriguing! Great song choice Melissa. It worked perfectly into my story too. That’s the perfect line. I like that some of us used the same one!

  2. So creepy! I look forward to reading each week to see where you are taking this one 🙂

  3. Looking forward to what has taken here “there”!

  4. Beutifuly creepy! Thanks for the song selection!
    When I saw your title I thought of that Lemonheads line ” I just want a bit part in your life..a walk on would be fine…”:)

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