Where is Five for Friday?

Well unless you wanted a barely thought out, half-baked list that smacked of going through the motions, you won’t be too disappointed that I’m playing hooky from my blog today.

I mean, I guess I’m sort of blogging right now. But this post really has no direction or purpose other than to say, sorry for not contributing something worthwhile for your reading pleasure today.

Work is a freaking nightmare. I performed my very first lay-off. And let me tell you, as bad as firing someone sucks, laying someone off is infinitely worse. So I’m feeling a bit dodgy and stressed and shitty. So I’m gonna just leave this alone before I spew any more whoa is me sentiments. Pulling on my big girl pants and putting my nose back to the proverbial grind stone. Work is cathartic when you’re stressed out at work. Tell me how that is even possible.

Stay positive & love your life!……repeat ad nauseam.





This should cheer me up:






Okay, your turn to talk!

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