100 Word Challenge: Opportunities (The Guest Part XII)

This week for 100 Word Song, Lance and Leeroy gave us “Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money)” by The Pet Shop Boys. The song meaning just did not fit in with “The Guest”, so I’ve used a few actual lyrics within the dialogue.

Catch up on the last installment here.  And now let’s watch as the party continues to devolve.

“Sheesh, don’t freak out,” Kasi said handing the cup over to me.  But it was too late, everyone had seen it.  Matt had seen it.

“What the hell is that?  Oh my God!  Are you freaking serious?  You kept them?  You hid them?  You lied?” Matt yelled at me while everyone watched.

“You know how I feel about it, them!  They’re living beings for crying out loud!  Think about it seriously, you know it makes sense,” I responded clutching the cup.

“I’ve had enough scheming and messing around.  We’re done with it.  It ends here and now,” he replied harshly.

Stay positive & love your life!



Listening to:  Ghostland Observatory – Glitter

Eating:  Left over tofu, black beans, black rice, arugula.

Drinking:  H20

Random thought:  The use of the cc and reply all is both a blessing and a curse. Though, I guess that sentiment can be applied to basically anything pertaining to computers.


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