Five for Friday: 5 Reasons Why Pearl Jam Rocked My World at Voodoo

It’s been a bit challenging to get back into writing after getting back from my trip to NOLA for Voodoo Fest.  Work is a hectic mess right now which means I’m crazy busy.  And on top of that I have what I call a concert hangover.  Three days of wonderful, live music is a nice departure from reality.  I’ve been trying to relive the experience at work by pumping Spotify.  It’s not really working though.

Given the dealing with reality dilemma, it only makes sense that this week’s Five for Friday is all about  the very best set I saw at Voodoo, Pearl Jam.  How good was it?  Well, only Foo Fighters can rival it.  Seriously one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.  There are other bands I like more, but for your concert buck, not many can touch these guys.


Number 5:  Steve Gleason

So for those of you who don’t know his story, go learn more about him and his foundation, Team Gleason, here.  Steve played for the Saints several years ago.  In 2011 he was diagnosed with ALS.  The disease has taken him from playing in the NFL to being able to speak only through a computer in a few short years.  He’s a huge Pearl Jam fan (he’s from Washington).  How cool is it that he introduced the band and picked the set list for the night?  By the way, the set list was perfection.



Number 4:  Eddie’s Crowd Interaction

I hate when I go to shows and there is nearly zero interaction with the crowd.  I like to hear the story behind a song or a funny anecdote.  Give me something to make me feel this musical connection a bit more.  Well, Eddie definitely interacted.  Swigging from a wine bottle for the entire show made for loose lips by the end.  He talked about:  Team Gleason,  the BP oil spill, pot legalization, people in the crowd (including a guy in a bunny suit….which led to a comment about furries), etc. 


Number 3:  Mike, the effing man, McCready

He shreds.  Hard.  Seriously the dude is an animal.



Number 2:  Swinging from the Lights

The set had these great, huge light bulbs.  At the end, Eddie went swinging from one. Mike was smashing another with his guitar.  And then they launched into Yellow Ledbetter.  Have I mentioned how great the set list was??



Number 1:  Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns

I nearly wet myself when they started playing this song.  Then I was smiling so hard I got a face cramp.  Actually, I wore that shit eating grin the entire show.

Other favorite song of the set:  Rearview Mirror

Full set list:

All in all the show was, dare I say, man I really hate to use this word, but it really, really was…..EPIC.


I leave you with this awesome video someone made for the misheard lyrics to Yellow Ledbetter.  I strained so hard to see if I could pic out a nugget of understanding at the show.  Yep, I got pretty much nothing.


Stay positive & love your life!




*Photos courtesy of*


Listening to:  Primitive Hearts – Harmony

Reading:  “The Vampire Lestat” by Anne Rice

Random fact:  I love the way shoe stores smell.



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