Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: Voodoo Fest Edition (A review, sort of)

I’m baaaaccckkk!  Hot on the heels of another solid trip to NOLA for Voodoo Fest, Jen gives us a free-for-all theme.  Well thanks lady!  This gives me the post space needed to do a quickie review of my experience this past weekend.

Let’s start with a list of the bands I saw and then I’ll give you my favorite song played by some of them.

Pearl Jam– This is going to get an entirely separate post of its own.  Let’s just say that they killed it.  I was in awe the entire time.  Mouth cramps from smiling too hard.


Nine Inch Nails- Trent Reznor does not age.  Vampire?  This set was so heavy, just like it should be.


The Cure–  They played all of the songs I wanted to hear except two.  Considering how many albums they have and the fact that I did get to hear one of my favorites that they’d never played live before, I consider it a win.  Also, Robert Smith looks exactly as I expected him to look, like a Tim Burton created old man.  But his voice is still flawless.


Paramore– This was band I wasn’t really amped to see.  I’ve never been a big fan.  And I actually only intended to check  out a few minutes of their set.  Yeah, I stayed for the entire thing.  Converted fan.  Hayley Williams and her band are the real deal.

The Gaslight Anthem– They rocked it out hard.  Much bigger fan now.

Alkaline Trio– Nice, hard set.

Cults- Meh, descent show but nothing too memorable.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewin– Wow.  I was seriously impressed with their show and stage presence.  This really isn’t my standard musical preference, but they threw a party AND put out positive vibes.  His intro to “Same Love” create a few tears.  Touching.

Youngblood Hawke- High energy.

The Virginmarys– Only caught the tail-end.

Kid Rock– We only stayed for the first 20 minutes of this.  His music tends to all blend together for me. I kept thinking “Wait, didn’t he already play this song?”  And his opening video was a bit preaching and ‘Murica.

Moon Taxi– Some sound problems and the stage lighting was bit annoying.  But they sounded great.  A cover of NIN’s “Closer” got off to a rocky start, but they pulled it together at the end.

Matt & Kim–  Spazzes…in the best way possible.  These guys were all over the place and so much fun to listen to and watch.  Kim is a straight-up maniac!


Allen Stone–  Magical voice.  This guy is reminiscent of Stevie Wonder.  He has so much soul.  I expect him to blow-up in the coming months.

Robert Delong–  This was the only show I caught on the techno stage.  I must be truly getting old because I didn’t “get” the other bands playing there.  It all sounds like video games on crack to me now.  This guys we checked out because he actually sings (granted with a lot of effects) and plays instruments.  A fun set.  He’s worth checking out for some upbeat stuff that would be great for running or working out.

Here are my favorites:

Pearl Jam- Chloe/Crown of Thorns

I nearly lost my shit when they played this.  Wasn’t expecting it at all.  For those of you who don’t know, this is a Mother Love Bone song.  They were arguably the birth of grunge.  Andrew Wood died just prior to their debut album being released.  I love this damn song so much.  Song cuts in around 2:00.

Nine Inch Nails-  Terrible Lie

I need to note that the guitarist and Daryl Dixon could be twins.

The Cure- Burn

In another, holy shit, am I getting to hear this moment, they played their song from  The Crow soundtrack.  It’d never been played live before.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis- Same Love

Tears.  Mary Lambert gave me chills.

Paramore- Brick by Boring Brick

The Gaslight Anthem- 45

Matt & Kim- Let’s Go

Allen Stone- Sleep

This guy is ridiculously talented.  And he was a blast to watch.

Stay positive & love your life!



Listening to:  Paramore – Playing God

Eating:  Pasta

Drinking:  Need caffeine.

Random fact:  Pearl Jam has now likely topped my favorite live shows list.  The only possible contender is Foo Fighters.  There are other bands I like more, but these guys know how to put on a live show, deliver unexpected songs, and interact with the crowd.  So many other bands just get up there and play.  That’s great, but I want to feel engaged.  That, to me, is what live music is about!


10 thoughts on “Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: Voodoo Fest Edition (A review, sort of)

  1. I really wanted to know what you thought of Paramore and Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis. I have been listening to them and I liked them, but of course I knew that with Pearl Jam, The Cure and NIN in the house that you wouldn’t have much time for them.

    honestly, I loved the review of the whole festival from you. It’s the stories you come away with that are the meat of a visit like this one. Sounds like your stories are good ones.

    Welcome “home” 🙂

    • Thanks Kir. Yes, it’s true that PJ, NIN, and The Cure were on the top of my list, naturally. 🙂 But I really enjoyed Macklemore and Paramore. I doubt I’ll buy Macklemore’s CD as it’s not something I would listen to constantly (plus I have Spotify), but Paramore has converted me! They were very good/fun live!

  2. I was so jealous that you got to be there for that lineup as I watched Billboard post updates of the concerts on Twitter last weekend! Loving your list of your favorite parts!

  3. OK this is definitely priceless. How lucky for us that you just went to Voodoo!!! I am so happy, I am listening to your list right now. I have to say that I love Matt & Kim, they are right up my alley. The rest bring back soooo many memories!

  4. Totally unfamiliar with Voodoo Fest. I’m gonna have to learn more about it. Sounds like just up my alley! You need to pick up the new Pearl Jam cd if you haven’t already. Kick ass to say the least. Also, need to brush up on Macklemore. Familiar, barely, and need to get more so. Great job!

  5. You went?!? How awesome. My husband is a huge PJ fan. He especially loves it when they smush two songs together. He’s going to see the LA/San Diego shows in a few weeks…we’re tagging along for Disneyland.

    • They were amazing. My first time seeing them live. Crazy, I know. They rank right up there with Foo Fighters as the best live acts…..and I’ve seen A LOT of shows! Have fun a Disney….you should go to the concert!

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