100 Word Song: Perfect Day (The Guest- Part IX)

To read the last installment of The Guest, click here.  Today I’m giving you another 100 words of the story inspired by Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day”.  Why aren’t you participating in the 100 Word Song Challenge yet?  Swing on over and see my buddy Lance and his robot friend Leeroy, then hop into the fray with us!.

Part IX of The Guest:

I deftly scooped the vacant pod and cat hair into a bag.

As Matt was busying himself with what seemed like an infinite amount of glass, my attention found itself locked on the baby pods.  Some seemed to have dried out and cemented to the floor. But others quivered in the tiny puddle by the sofa.  I leaned over to sweep them into the bag, but something stopped me.  Instead, I palmed the lively ones, smuggled them to the kitchen and placed them in a Big Gulp cup of water.

“Hang in there little ones,” I whispered, quickly hiding them.


Stay positive & love your life!



Listening to:  Andrew Duhon – Evelyn

Drinking:  Soon to be caffeine of some sort.

Eating:  Nada

Random fact:  I have a headache and am in  an uncharacteristically blah mood.  Time to kick up the jams to something happy and turn this frown upside down.


5 thoughts on “100 Word Song: Perfect Day (The Guest- Part IX)

  1. Had to quickly eye the big glass of water I was drinking, make sure no one slip a pod into it.

  2. I think this girl is nuts. KILL IT! Oh, sorry. Got a little carried away…

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