Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: Something Wicked

This week Jen asked for scary songs.  Hmmmm, well my nonconformist attitude will not allow me to include Monster Mash (I hate that song, sorry) and I’m sure at least half the lists will include Werewolves of London.  I kinda hate Kid Rock for ruining that song for me.


This week, I’m off to NOLA on Thursday for my annual Voodoo Experience trip with my bestie.  So much music, so little time.  I’ve found it hard to focus on any tunes this week outside of the set list, though I did make a bit of time to listen to some Velvet Underground yesterday at work (RIP Lou).  So of course, some of the Voodoo performers made it onto the list of terrifying tracks:

Twin Peaks Theme- Angelo Badalamenti

This song still gets under my skin.  This show was so twisted.  When I rewatched it a few years ago, it was just as insane as I remember.

Twisted Nerve-Bernard Herrmann

I also included this on my Tarantino post, but it bears repeating.  Try walking down a hallway with this playing and not freaking out.

O Fortuna- Carmina Burana

If ever I’m to be sacrificed, I’m fairly certain this cacophony of terror will be the soundtrack.

Lullaby- The Cure

A song with the lyrics, “the spiderman is having me for dinner tonight” is always going on my list of scary!  Also, Robert Smith can look a bit terrifying.   Plus, I’m thinking about The Cure, because I get to see them this week!




Cemetery Gates- Pantera

Can’t have a Halloween list without a little bit of metal.  I love this song for running.  AND I’m visiting the House of Shock this week!

Bugs- Pearl Jam

Bugs are gross; thus this song is gross.  Also, I get to see Pearl Jam this week.  Hey, did I happen to mention that I’m going to NOLA this week for Voodoo?

And finally, no Halloween list would be complete without:

Mr. Crowley- Ozzy Osbourne



A gem from Voodoo 2010.


Stay positive & love your life!





Listening to:  Nine Inch Nails – Lights In The Sky

Eating:  Salad

Drinking:  Water

Random fact:  I’m getting a little anxious about going in House of Shock.  I actually cried in a Universal Studios haunted house.  Bring on the stress sweats!


17 thoughts on “Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: Something Wicked

  1. great choices, – Cure, Pj, Ozzy, all brilliant

    Have fun in NOLA. My wife has talked about doing that for a long time. report back asap here or on the Book with all the Faces.

  2. I don’t like the Monster Mash either, although my children have a fond 5 yr old affection of it right now..sheesh. 😉

    I just looked at the bands that will be at Voodoo and some of them I would love to see , yes even some of the ones you are seeing. That line up is pretty cool.

    have a great time: (that’s just for show), I mean who doesn’t have fun in NOLA? *WINK*

  3. I love that whole Kill Bill scene. That one and the restaurant massacre is my favorites of the whole duo. The nola thing sounds fantastic!

  4. Brilliant as usual. Totally Twin Peaks!!! I wrote a post a while back about that show. CREEPY, but you can’t help but love it! Also Cemetery Gates got me thinking about the Smiths song of the same name which isn’t really scary. Have an awesome time at Voodoo!!!

  5. I love the Cure – and that is the first song I remember ever hearing from them. So creepy – agreed.

    Your second choice is the song our high school drama teacher use to use for “the furies” for our High School Remembrance Day Assembly – basically picture a bunch of 15 year olds running around stage in black cloaks with earnest artistic intention.

    Have a great trip – sounds like a fabulous line up – and yes! Very New Orleans envious …

    PS : you’d win my hubby over w/ Mr. Crowley.

  6. Yes! to O, Fortuna. I considered that one for own tape, but ended up cutting it for my other choices. Glad someone put it in.

  7. Ozzy is the scariest! Thanks for visiting my blog… I’m glad to meet someone who likes Vampire Weekend too! I discovered them on Pandora (Bishop Allen station.) If you’ve never heard of Bishop Allen, you might like them too… look up “Busted Heart.” (That’s my favorite one!)

  8. Totally agree with your choices. That Pantera theme is scary!

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