Trifecta: Boo! (The Guest Part VIII)

Last week’s episode of “The Guest” , written for Lance’s 100 Word Song Challenge, left us witnessing Matt freak out a bit after finding their tank destroyed and their guest missing:

Matt took in the scene on the floor; eyes flashing with confusion coupled with fear.  He turned from me and walked out the back door.  From inside, I watched him pace the length of the yard muttering to himself.  It was clear that I’d have to be the strong one here.  It was only fair; I’d gotten us into this mess.

Returning he said, “Well we’re not staying here trapped with this thing, prisoners in our home.   Maybe we can burn the house down?  Be done with it?  Shit, this thing is probably fireproof.  For all we know it’s invincible!”

And now, this week Trifecta asked for:

It’s our last Halloween-inspired prompt of 2013, and we can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us. Please remember that we are looking for the third definition of our prompt word. Please also note that we need the word exactly as it appears below. No tense changes allowed. Good luck!


1 (interjection)
used to express contempt or disapproval or to startle or frighten

2 (noun)
a sound that people make to show they do not like or approve of someone or something

3 (verb) to show dislike or disapproval of someone or something by shouting “Boo” slowly

Here is Part VIII of  “The Guest”, enjoy:

“Just take a moment to breath.  We don’t even know what this thing is or exactly what’s happened here.” I soothed.

“Exactly my point, crazy!  We don’t know what is loose in our house, if it hasn’t already escaped into the neighborhood.  Would you open your eyes and look at the floor!”  he shouted pointing at the empty pod.

“Yeah, I saw it.  Look, let’s just get this mess cleaned up and go from there.  We’ve got a lot to do before our guests arrive tonight.”  I started carefully picking up glass.

“Are you shitting me?  Did I just hear you say that the party is still on?” he said, his face contorting in a mixture of pure confusion and growing anger.

“You sure did.  I’m not cancelling something we’ve been planning for months over this, this, well whatever all this is.  Just grab the mop and start helping me.”

Boo!” he shouted, sloppily mopping in circles.

“That’s the spirit!”  I said smiling.

“No, not that boo.  I’m booing you.  I’m booing you for keeping this stupid thing.  I’m booing you for acting like absolutely nothing is wrong when we have an escaped creature or something lurking around.  And I’m booing myself by being a world-class idiot and standing here cleaning with you.  You know, this is the shit that happens in horror movies.  Right now someone is throwing popcorn at the screen and screaming,  ‘Get out of the house!’”

“You’re not an idiot babe!  You’re my fearless boyfriend who is death-defyingly helping me clean up the great tank disaster of 2013.”  I joked,  ending with a little homage to the Friday the 13th theme music.

He didn’t laugh.

“Matty, grab me a few garbage bags would you? I’m gonna pick this thing up.” I said poking it with a glass shard.

As he left the room I quickly moved the orange hair clumps I’d just discovered under the debris pile.  Maybe his dream about Cubbie wasn’t so crazy.  Where was that damn cat?

Stay positive & love your life!



Listening to:  The Velvet Underground – Venus In Furs

Eating:  Bean burger and baked beans

Drinking:  H2O

Random fact:  I do have a boyfriend name Matt and a cat named Cubbie, but that is purely coincidental.  I don’t even own a fish tank!


18 thoughts on “Trifecta: Boo! (The Guest Part VIII)

  1. FUN!
    every time I read or hear “are you shitting me?” I always think of Sweet Home Alabama (the movie)

    “NO I am not shitting you”

    plus that phrase and “I don’t give a rat’s ass” happen to be favorites of mine. I really liked the last line, it gave us just enough.

  2. Aw man, it was bad enough but then you had to throw in the fur and the question about the cat. That Halloween party could be scarier than they planned!

  3. I love her attitude. I’m digging these characters.

    great pice…MORE

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  5. What the hell is wrong with her?! Matt, trust your instincts, buddy. I must admit, though, I’m anxious to see what’s going to happen at the party.

    R.I.P. Cubbie!

  6. Excellent writing!Am enjoying this more & more:-)

  7. The party must go on, regardless of what crawled out of that pod.

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