Trifecta: Phantom (The Guest Part VI)

Previous installment of The Guest (on 100 Word Song):

Matt awoke with a jolt, flinging off the covers. 

“Jesus!  What the hell?” I exclaimed. 

“I just had the worst dream about that damn thing downstairs.  Seriously, like zombie, drugged-out, wake up in a cold sweat bad,” he said.

Sure enough, when I felt the blankets, they were soaked through. 

“Sheesh, guess it was pretty bad babe,” I soothed. “Come on, up and at em!  Let’s get our day started by booting out our house guest.  After all, I did promise you and my curiosity isn’t worth you having night terrors!”

“Thank God.  It’s about time,” he said already up. 

This week’s installment is for Trifecta’s weekly prompt:

We’re still not totally spooked out by you guys yet and we’re a little way from Halloween proper so get your ghoul glad rags on again this week. If there’s anyone who puts the ghoul in ghoulish, it’s you lot. Have fun and, as always, make sure you use the THIRD definition. This week we are back to entries of 33-333 words.

PHANTOM (noun)

1 a : something apparent to sense but with no substantial existence : APPARITION

b : something elusive or visionary

c : an object of continual dread or abhorrence

2 : something existing in appearance only

3 : a representation of something abstract, ideal, or incorporeal

And now, Part VI of “The Guest”

As soon as I was downstairs, I knew something was very wrong.  My bare feet tapped down onto the foyer floor and felt something cold and wet.   The deep sea diver was stranded helplessly against the front door.  “Oh shit,” I said as an icy chill crept up my spine. 

Matt was right on my heels.  “Shit is right.  What the hell happened?”

We made our way into the living room careful to avoid the broken glass and rock fragments.  “I think our guest had a growth spurt last night by the looks of it,” I said bending to pick up the fake castle. 

“Jesus, I told you we should have tossed that thing the moment it appeared.  Now look at the mess…..” Matt said heading to the laundry to fetch the mop.

I’d only heard half of what he said, because something was very off.  And it was more than our tank being destroyed.  The air felt thin and my chest heavy.  Each breath I took seemed to catch in my throat.  The morning sun was casting odd shadows on the floor and I could swear someone was in the room with us.

Matt put his arm around my shoulders.  “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to yell.  I know you loved that tank.  Let’s get this cleaned up.  Hey, are you shivering?  What’s wrong?”

Straightening up, I rallied my strength.  I’d have to be the picture of courage, a phantom of bravery to get through what I had to tell him.  “Listen baby,” I started slowly “I don’t want you to panic okay?  Everything is going to be fine.”

He followed my gaze down to the floor.  There, amongst the glass and rock, was our guest, well, at least part of it.  The once solid and pulsing pod had burst.  It now looked like a hollowed out pumpkin; a sanguine fluid oozed out of the large rip in the center.  Whatever was inside was there no longer. 

328 words.


Stay positive & love your life!



Listening to:  Pearl Jam – State of Love and Trust

Random fact:  I love goat cheese.


27 thoughts on “Trifecta: Phantom (The Guest Part VI)

  1. Uh. Oh. I loved the way you used “phantom”. And this is getting creepier and creepier.

  2. That is getting creepy. I wonder what happens next… 🙂

  3. the feeling of weird and anticipation of eerie are awesome, here. I loved the way you used phantom. Bonus points for sanguine. word nerds *fistbump*

    This last sentence: “Whatever had been inside was there no longer. ” I like better this way – “Whatever was inside was no longer there”. It’s tighter, stays with the them and style, and creeps me out even more…but total concrit…either way, you kicked ass

    more please

  4. This is an intense entry, creepy indeed! Great use of the prompt – i am still struggling with what to write.
    In this sentence – “I’d have to be the picture of courage, a phantom of bravery to get though what I had to tell him.” I believe you meant through instead of though ? I could be wrong though.

  5. Don’t go downstairs!! When will people learn?

  6. Ack! This is getting creepier and creepier!

  7. This is now reason #43 on why I won’t the kids get a fish tank. Dang, this is creepy!!

  8. Pingback: Quick Stepp | 100 Word Song: Penitentiary (The Guest Part VII)

  9. and this is exactly why I will not have a Fish tank in our house. 🙂

    creepy, well written, I loved the last line…it literally closed the whole piece well.

    (and if I can’t sleep tonight, it’s your fault. LOL)

  10. Love the ambiguity. Whatever was inside… and the killer: was there no longer.
    Attic apartment. No fish. No basement : )

  11. Never has the word ‘pod’ been so creepy! Great write–full of suspense. You left us wanting to know more. Thanks for linking up.

  12. Oh, snap! This is getting really intense. Looking forward to the next installment.

  13. Ah the mystery is growing…

  14. oohh!Shiver!Am getting goosebumps,imagining that creature…what a great story this is -enjoying every bit of this Melissa-can hardly wait for the next part:-)

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