Trifextra: Scourge of the World


 scuttling across my floor with hopes of being undisturbed.


cowering over you, fearful.

Your antennas anxiously quiver

My nerves,  


Your movements,


Flip-flop cocked,  

nerves rallied.


 Safe for now.


This week’s Trifextra :

We are looking for a 33-word explanation of what scares you (or your character). We already know you’re intelligent, so, according to Paterson, you should have no shortage of potential subject matter.


It was a toss-up between roaches and spiders.  Both are horrid, horrid little creatures.




56 thoughts on “Trifextra: Scourge of the World

  1. So gross and scary. But very nicely done! I totally forgot to check the trifextra this week, gotta catch up.

  2. I think I’d have to choose the spiders over the roaches. Love the way you cower over your enemy…

  3. my husband HATES spiders too..I am like that with snakes, I don’t trust anything without legs…LOL.

    that picture was scary…they are icky looking creatures aren’t they?

    happy Friday!

    • Happy Friday to you!
      Snakes (the non-poisonous ones) don’t really bother me!

      • Good, I’ll come find you when I am anywhere near a snake. 😉 But I am much better than I used to be, there was a time in my 20’s where I was in a mall (A MALL) and there was a lizard/snake/amphibian show going on and I needed to leave the mall. Just knowing the snakes were there scared me. Like I said, I’m better now. 🙂

      • Haha! That was quite the phobia!

  4. I’m the bug killer/fearless one in my house of 4 women. But good grief are they like you.

    good one

    • Thanks. Since the BF moved in, he has assumed bug killing detail….reluctantly. Sorry dude, there are some gender rules I’m completely fine with!

      • I like it. It allows me to validate my man card.

      • It’d walk around like a total bad-ass afterwards if it were me. “Behold! Look what I have done in all my manly glory! The house is now safe woman. I shall be in the living room should my services be required once more.”

  5. Ewww! I was right there with you through the whole piece. Great job creating tension and grossing me out.

  6. Ugggh! Grosss! Bug guts everywhere! Good one!

  7. Ha… I don’t know why people are afraid of cockroaches… well, there is no reasoning behind fear.
    You wrote a very tensed scene. 🙂

  8. Ugh, yes. I can tolerate spiders to a point, but roaches? Never. Thanks for successfully bringing on the heebie jeebies.

  9. Holy crap, did you have to include the picture?! As soon as I read “scuttling across the floor” I knew what it was. Those things freak me out. I see one and I’m ready to move. Seriously. (I had an apartment that was infested with them and I threw away a lot of stuff when I left there.)

  10. Yesterday, my friend showed me a similar picture: she had awoken to find the creature crawling across her breast. It is enough to put me off foreign travel!

    Her husband flip-flopped it, but then several hours later she noticed its antennae were still moving. More flip-flopping was required.

    • Ugh, they’re so freaking gross. And in the southern states, particularly in areas with many trees, we get they things called Palmetto Bugs. They come in from outside and are much larger than roaches. Look one up!

  11. Ick! Great job! I loathe nasty things.

  12. Gah! Shiver! Cockroaches I can handle, to a degree, but spiders are the real menace. My husband has to step in and squash em, cause I ain’t getting near em.

  13. I’ve become very adept at trapping all manner of evil, gross creepy crawlers in a jar, then depositing them in their own habitat, or conversely, down the toilet. Which is also satisfying. After you shiver.
    Did I mention how much I like this post?

    • Ha, thanks. I don’t trap. I destroy while screaming like a murder is occurring and freaking full out. It’s a wonder the cops haven’t visited yet.
      This is only of course if Matt isn’t home. He is on permanent bug detail.
      The only thing worse than facing my fears and killing is letting it vanish and then knowing it’s in the house.

  14. Just skimming through the comments, I didn’t see whether you mentioned that Palmetto Bugs fly. Indeed, somehow, if you don’t deal the fatal blow with the flip flop, they tend to fly toward you. Am I right? Clever writing. I dealt with spiders in my piece, in a more obtuse way.

    • You are sooooo right! That’s why they’re stupid scarey! A few weeks ago I had one fall from my towel as I went to get it to dry off in the shower. I was home alone and had to “deal” with it. Flip-flopped but after a near panic attack. It landed on me. Damn you veritable forest of a yard!

      Spiders are from the devil. Proven fact.

  15. On roaches, I concur. I live in the country. A spider outside is different than one inside. Good take on prompt.

  16. O dear… thos little roaches can sure be unpleasant….

  17. Roaches are terrible. Spiders are cool though so you picked well!

  18. Wicked cool writing!!! And the pic reminds me a bit of my hubby… which scares me. EEK! ;-D

  19. Well written prompt! And I agree: roaches are gross!

  20. Flip-flop cocked… that made me snort. 🙂

  21. 99 words is right when it comes to spiders. We have hobo spiders. They are so big they play on the high school football team. Talk about freaking out the opponent;) Very creepy 33 words with this one!

  22. 33 words used in the very best way to describe the horrible critters. Enjoyed the read

  23. Creeptastic. Thanks for linking up! Be sure to come back and vote for your favorites.

  24. Oh I love flip flop cocked. Spiders just get stuck in your house, but roaches want to move in and eat your food. I’ll take spiders anyday. (plus, for some reason I’m not afraid of them at all.)Anyway, wonderfully done! 😀

  25. You do know that there’s always more coming though, right?

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