Five for Friday: 5 Where Are They Nows That Should’ve Never Been Googled

While thinking of some seriously spooky stuff for this month’s blog posts, I stumbled upon a gem of a scary idea!  Yesterday my bloggy buddy Andrew over at A Blumes with a View (Go check him out.  Every post the dude writes is hilarious!) and I were talking about scarey movies.  That naturally led to a discussion about Edward Furlong.  If you don’t see the connection here, stop reading because we can’t be friends.

Well, it set my mind to wonder, “What ever happened to little Eddie Furlong?”



“James Cameron is totally looking at me for his next film.”

Scarey shit, right?  After all, this guy used to grace my bedroom walls in the form of a Teen Beat poster.


For those of you under 30, this is what we used to read before there were iPads, Pods, Macs, and Phones.

After witnessing Eddie’s tragic aging incident I got curious about some of my other crushes of yesteryear.  And I hate to tell you that for every Mark Paul Gossler and Jared Leto, there is Eddie waiting.

5 Where Are They Nows That Should’ve Never Been Googled

Number 5:  Kirk Cameron


Show me that smile indeed!

This one is a bit of a cheat, because I didn’t need to Google him to find out what this whack job is doing now.  He’s being a whack job.  While he remains physically viable, his brain was obviously held hostage on the last episode of “Growing Pains” which leads me to believe some critter is inhabiting the once dreamy Mike Seaver’s body and making him spout off a bunch of ridiculousness.

Number 4: Scott Wolf


“Bailey!  You’re drinking again Bailey!”

Ok, so Scott Wolf hasn’t really aged poorly at all.  The only reason he is on this list is because I find it ridiculous that he had a nose job.


Also for this poor excuse for a beard.  No.

Number 3:  Cary Elwes


“As you wish, Melissa.  As you wish.”

Here’s the problem, when you basically plant the seeds of what romance and love, twoo wuv, should be you’ve got a lot to live up to.  So unless the Dread Pirate Roberts turned out to look like, well, himself, forever, you’re going to be disappointed.



Number 2:  Eric Nies


Now you totally want to live in a house with a bunch of strangers to find out what happens when people stop being polite.

Eric Nies.  Wow, he was the man back in the day.  The Real World franchise was partially launched of the shirtless back of this guy.  He probably is still gorgeous right?


I would change seats if this guy sat next to me on Marta.

And what could be more terrify, more heartbreaking, more WTFing than these guys?

Number 1:  Jeremy AND Jason London

023e2cd36fc56e62_LondonQuiz2.larger londonScreen-Shot-2013-01-30-at-8.45.11-AM

Party of Five, Dazed and Confused, The Man in the Moon…you guys were the 90s when it came to hunks.

JasonLondonActorMugshot_largeJeremy London-PRN-068492

Thanks internet.

Well there you have it, five not so hot anymore hotties to get you through your Friday.  Who would have been on your list?

Stay positive & love your life!



Listening to:  Pearl Jam – Other Side

Random fact:  Dazed and Confused convinced me I should have bee a child of the 70s.

14 thoughts on “Five for Friday: 5 Where Are They Nows That Should’ve Never Been Googled

  1. Oh my god oh my god oh my god

    Kirk Cameron says marriage should be till death is do part- but what about all the spouses who are jerks??

    • He’s a complete nutcase now. I agree that marriage “should” be till death do you part…in a perfect world (perfect people, no one ever messes up, no one ever changes).

  2. But the professor does feel that most of them could help themselves a bit…

  3. Great post! Excellent job!

    I’m flattered/horrified I helped play a small part in these disturbing pictures all coming together!

    Wow, I’d really guess out of both Terminator 2 kiddies- Eddie Furlong and Danny Cooksey (AKA Bobby Budnick)- goofball gingered mullet Budnick has actually aged better in these years!

    Thanks for the mention, and the very kind words as well- super duper appreciated!

    • The only downer of the day was someone on my Facebook calling me out for my sign-off:
      “No offense, but writing a negative article on people’s looks and then ending it with “stay positive and love your life” is a bit hypocritical. These people might be super nice still, even if their looks were taken from them.”

      I think she missed the point.

  4. I used to live in upstate New York in the same neighborhood as some of Kirk Cameron’s family. Once, our rottweiler escaped and ran outside. Very friendly dog, but also very large and very scary looking.

    It just so happened that a certain actor was walking down the street at the time and ended up getting chased for half a block by my dog. And that’s my Kirk Cameron story.

  5. Oh my. It’s funny how aging changes some people so drastically, while others hardly change at all. Like on I Love Lucy, everybody ended up looking so old, except for Fred Mertz who never changed a bit. Maybe it’s a blessing to look 40 when you’re 20.

    And poor Kirk. He caught the religious fanatic disease. I believe this is actually a mental condition that needs therapy like anorexia or hoarding. It’s very sad when it happens to someone. They truly become different people.

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