100 Word Song: Thunderkiss 65 (The Guest Part V)

This week Lance over at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog turned the song choosing power over to Rene.  She picked:

It made for a great prompt!  Though for purposes of my The Guest series, “More Human Than Human” would have been perfect!

Here’s what happened last time:  The Guest Part IV

This week’s 100 word continuation of The Guest:

Matt awoke with a jolt, flinging off the covers. 

“Jesus!  What the hell?” I exclaimed. 

“I just had the worst dream about that damn thing downstairs.  Seriously, like zombie, drugged-out, wake up in a cold sweat bad,” he said.

Sure enough, when I felt the blankets, they were soaked through. 

“Sheesh, guess it was pretty bad babe,” I soothed. “Come on, up and at em!  Let’s get our day started by booting out our house guest.  After all, I did promise you and my curiosity isn’t worth you having night terrors!”

“Thank God.  It’s about time,” he said already up. 


Stay positive & love your life!



Listening to:  Blues Traveler – Hook

Eating:  Sweet potato pasta

Drinking:  H20

Random fact:  More of a Rob Zombie movie fan than a Rob Zombie music fan.


One thought on “100 Word Song: Thunderkiss 65 (The Guest Part V)

  1. I do love me some ol’ Rob Zombie. This incarnation of the band was dangerous and fun. Sean was a bad ass chick on bass. Saw them open for Danzig and they blew Glenn off the stage. Also remember buying this tape in Tallahassee based purely on the cover art and song titles. Got in the car and had my mind blown.

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