Trifextra: Pleased to Meet You

Trifextra’s prompt:




Here are my 33 devilish words-



 So tall.

 So dark.

 So handsome.

His presence in the room immediately drew me,

moth to flame.

His voice,


His touch,



helpless, hopeless, hypnotized.

I should have guessed his name.



41 thoughts on “Trifextra: Pleased to Meet You

  1. Everybody loves a bad boy… Good one!

  2. sigh

    you and my wife on this guy…whatever

    good 33, though

  3. I believe I’ve been hypnotized myself!

  4. it’s those boys that always STEAL a heart, isn’t it???
    that said, he’s really not that bad to look at. (who is it? No, I mean it, I have no idea.)

    dear God, those eyes.

  5. This was great! Don’t. Look. Into. His. Eyes. Too late?

  6. Good job on your 33 words, but I kinda forgot them once I got to the photo. Can you blame me?

  7. You must have guessed his name… Ha! A very fun write.

  8. Hate it when that happens.

  9. If he looks like the guy in the photo, then bring on the flames;)

    Devilishly sexy 33 words!

  10. Nice. He is pretty. But far too young. I’m kinda into Sean Connery myself.

  11. You can have your pretty boy….all of you, in fact! I’ll stick with that rouge, Keef, any day of the week.

  12. Sweet. I like the tall dark and handsome part. The charming devil. Not the old school red skinned,hoofed and horned devil. Very nice.

  13. Oh man…you hit it on the head…picture included…the charming devious devil…nice job lady!…by the way Liquid Poet and I a Ridgeback…is your pup a Ridgeback mix? totally adorable pup!

  14. I remember those days. Who am I kidding, I still like those bad boys. Good job.

  15. Who says all men are created equal . . . I second your poem!! 😀 (I’ll have to look him up and watch something he’s in.)

  16. Yum. He’s lovely. Moth to the flame, indeed. Thanks for linking up.

  17. Ha… that’s how he does it… I’m sure he has another face with sultry voice and ample bosom .. for the other 45% or so…

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