Five for Friday: 5 Reasons Why the Government Shut Down is Like a Bad Marriage

So here I go again, dipping ever so slightly into the political pool.  Don’t worry though, I’m gonna try to keep it light.  After all, if I stay completely serious in the brink of all of this absurdity, it’d either stay so angry I’d be intolerable or I’d just end up defeated in the fetal position.

Here’s my take on the entire government shutdown:   It’s completely bratty and immature.  On top of that, it’s embarrassing.  It’s enough to make you want to scream, “Get your shit together and move on!”   I really think I’ve found probably the best analogy to explain this whole ordeal:

5 Reasons Why the Government Shut Down is Like a Bad Marriage

For illustrative purposes, let’s assign the role of the democrat to the female and the role of the republican to the male…and GO!

Number 5- Lack of Respect in the Relationship

When one side constantly feels dismissed, rejected, or condescended to (and the other side doesn’t see it or refuses to talk through it) you’re in a bad place.  A healthy marriage has balance.  You are looking out for your own needs while making sure your partner has his needs met as well.  It’s a dance that requires constant communication.


Number 4- Fighting Over Money

One of the main things couples fight over is money.  Who is making it?  Who is spending it? Is there enough?

Hint, hint, there’s never enough

Both sides think their spending is completely justified and reasonable.  Generally one side is spending with wild abandon and only later are the massive credit card debts considered fought over.


Number 3- You Don’t Want the Same Things

A ship can’t make forward progress if both sides are moving in the opposite direction.  Sure you might come together to really “work” on it sometimes, but even then you can’t agree on who should read the map and who should drive.  Last time you let her drive, you end up in the ditch.  And he constantly gets lost because he refuses to read road signs or spot detours.  In the end, you’re just not a team.  A healthy partnership works together on everything from the mundane to the major.  Where you ever a team?  They say opposites attract, but I don’t think the saying continues with, and are perfect for long term, solid, successful relationships.


“For God’s sake, how do you not know which direction is north?”

Number2- Neither Side Will Admit They’re Wrong

9 times out of 10, both sides are at fault.  But instead of acknowledging and correcting your screw-ups and shortcomings, you’d rather rally your troops behind you and be right!  You bitch to your friends about just how awful your partner is.  They respond with a reassuring:  “Seriously, he’s such a jerk.”  “Oh that’s just like a man.”  “You’re so right.”  You’re preaching to the choir, and guess what, so is he.  But I’ll let you in on a little secret…..


Number 1-  Your Friends Are Sick of Hearing About It

Yeah, you’re our home girl and we’ve always had your back, but lately, you’ve gotten ridiculous and it’s pretty annoying.  Truth be told, we kinda see that maybe he’s a little right too.  Maybe you’re a bit too sensitive and naggy.  When we suggest this you just continue to lash out with insults and proof of his inadequacies.  Okay, we get it; you’ll never work it out.  Cool, well we’re just gonna have to go find some more level headed friends to support.  You’ve just seemed more and more unbalanced lately.


“If she mentions him one more time…..”

Honorable Mentions-

Loyalty is Unclear:  You said you’d honor, love, and cherish, but once you moved in, you changed your story.  There’s something to be said about promises kept and living honorably.

Refusing to Try:  You’d rather just walk out the door anytime you don’t see eye-to-eye.  The silent treatment never works.

Here’s the thing, no one is really going to come out on top.  Unfortunately, at the end of the day,  the one way the government is not like a bad marriage is that we can’t just end it with a few tears, hurt feelings, and a quicky divorce. Nope we’re stuck in this living hell.  In this analogy I suppose we citizens are the children.  We rely on our parents (as screwed up as they may be) to keep us safe, sound, and secure.  Sure we might hear them bicker from time to time, but we know they really have only our best interest in mind.  Right?

Though the government may frustrate us, it’s necessary.  We need “parents” to provide structure and order.  It’s nice to think someone is looking out for us and can pick us up should we ever fall and get us back on our feet.  But they also need to be willing to push us out of the nest and let us learn to work and succeed on our own.    It’s not in our best interest to pick mom or dad.  We need both forces for this to work out for the best.  Mom is too giving and just wants everyone to be happy.  Dad is too harsh and thinks it’s every man for himself.  The truth is somewhere in the middle.

Unlike this analogy, we really aren’t the kids. We are a part of this screwed up relationship and we have a responsibility to help fix it.   Let your actions and support be dictated by such.  Vote: both literally and with your dollars and choices.


Stay positive & love your life!



Listening to: Moon Taxi – Hideaway

Eating:  Some gross veggie little pie thing from Costco.  I bought a pack of 10 and they’re disgusting.  I’m down to one left.  I refuse to have wasted my money.

Drinking:  H2O

Random fact:  As you know, I love beer. So this aspect of the shut down may just hit home:

Shutdown closes tap on new beers

The prolonged closure of federal offices has given some people a reason to cry in the beer. An obscure arm of the Treasury Department has stopped approving new brews. All beers that get bottled or canned that are sold across state lines must get approval by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, better known as the TTB. The agency signs off on the label, as well as the recipe if it uses non-traditional ingredients. Brewery taxes, however, are being collected during the shutdown.


4 thoughts on “Five for Friday: 5 Reasons Why the Government Shut Down is Like a Bad Marriage

  1. number 2 is my favorite and the most important

    Republicans need to say “the shutdown plot strategy was wrong and dumb. we’re sorry. Now, here’s how we’re trying to fix things”.

    The President needs to say “I hate you all and I should bury you under sandcastle of bullshit that’s caving in around y’all but I will rise above and negotiate”.

    the end

    good post

  2. Being quite unable to comment on your government’s shut-down, which I look upon in incomprehension- with one elected chamber, the Government’s budget or borrowing requirement cannot be voted down- I will share about your horrible pies.

    Don’t waste it twice. Acknowledge spending the money was a waste, and move on. Don’t waste it again by forcing yourself to eat the thing.


    • Thanks for reading and commenting. It’s amazing to me how unable our “leaders” are to admit error. Just keep sticking to your story…yeah, that always works.

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