100 Word Song: Poor Places (The Guest-Part III)

This week for 100 Word Song, we were given Wilco’s “Poor Places”.  It was a bit of a challenge to figure out how to work the lyrics or meaning into my “The Guest” story, but I’m dead set and determined to continue this tale throughout the month of October.  I came close to veering off course and creating a quick 100 words about something else, but that would be cheating (on myself?) and I really don’t have that many words left with which to work via the blog prompts I’m currently using (100 Word and Trifecta).  So I really should use every last word I’m allotted on this tale.

Last time:  The Guest Part II

Just as I’m hanging up the phone, it rings.  “What did you forget Mom?” I ask.  But it is my father’s voice that responds.


“What is this I hear about an alien snail?” he says.  “I’m not sure I like this thing being in your house.  Why hasn’t Matt tossed it yet?”


“Dad, calm down.  First, I never referred to it as an alien snail.  That’s absurd.  And if anyone is going to toss it, it’s going to be me.  Matt doesn’t know the first thing about fish tanks.”


“Well, just get rid of it before it sprouts fangs, okay?”





Stay positive & love your life!





Listening to: Eagles Of Death Metal – Flames Go Higher

Eating:  Mushroom ravioli

Drinking:  H2O

Random fact:  I’m not quite sure what my Dad would make of this tank guest.  His curiosity would likely get the best of him just like our fearless protagonist.




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