100 Word Song: Wrong Number

This week I’m super excited for 100 Word Song,  because Lance (100 Word Song host over at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog) asked me to pick the song.  In the short term, this provided a bit of anxiety, because seriously, how does one pick ONLY one song?  For days I would hear a song and think, “That’s it.  That’s my pick.”  And then another great song would come on and I’d change my mind.

I finally settled on “Wrong Number” by The Cure.  I picked it for a few reasons:  1.  The language in the song is quite colorful (literally).  2.  I adore The Cure and will finally get to see them live at the end of October at Voodoo Fest.  3.  This is one of my favorite running songs.

And this week, Lance has give us “permission” to exceed the exactly 100 word limit.  We can take it up to 120 if we’re feeling froggy, ya know, because of the whole “wrong number” thing.  So let’s jump into this!  Here’s my selection based on “Wrong Number”.  Enjoy!

He paced in front of the 7-11. This is it; one phone call, one quickly uttered confession and that would be the end. Maybe then the voices plaguing his conscience day and night would be silenced.

“Heads I call; tails I drive away,” he said, flipping a quarter.


He dropped in the quarter and dialed the number.

“Hello this is…”

Before she could finish, he launched into a full confession.

“It was an accident…I never saw her crossing …I’d been drinking….I was scared…I didn’t know what happened until the news the next morning,” he took a breath and waited. “Hello, are you still there?”

“I’m sorry sir. You have the wrong number,” a voice said and the call disconnected.




After watching this video, the posts inspired by this song might be all over the place!  What have you got?  Write your 120 words and link up over at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog.  It would be super to see more Trifectans participate this week!

Stay positive and love your life!



Listening to:  Tears For Fears – Mad World

Eating:  Veggie burger, quinoa, lima beans

Drinking:  Blue Monster

Random fact:  I only know 6 numbers by heart and 4 of those are work related.


8 thoughts on “100 Word Song: Wrong Number

  1. great picture

    I like the immediacy of this and the natural way with the confession. Tight, exciting writing.

  2. Lots of anxiety filled emotion, then ultimate downer. I like the picture, it fits the story perfectly. Great job!

    Thanks for stopping by my place, though honestly, I hadn’t heard the Cure before. Elise happened accidently for last weeks track. I’m a classic rock junkie.

  3. So, so, so good! What a fun read! And thanks for picking a fun prompt to play with!

  4. You built great tension in such a short time. Great angst.

    I had fun with this prompt, thanks.

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