100 Word Song: She Was

If you regularly read my blog or know me to even some minor degree, you know that I’m obsessed with music.  Actually, obsessed may be putting it lightly.  What’s stronger than obsession?  Love?  Yeah, maybe that.  It’s honestly one of my core, basic needs in life.  I’ve had serious discussions (sometimes with myself) about which of the five senses I’d give up if I had to choose.  Well I can tell you that it definitely wouldn’t be hearing!

Anyway, that little rambling leads me into another week of the 100 Word Song challenge hosted by fellow story crafter and music devotee extraordinaire Lance over at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog(By the way, next week Lance has asked me to pick the song prompt.  Holy hell!  How do I pick just one song.  That’s like asking me to pick one star in a perfect sky! )  This week we were given the awesomeness that is “The Talking Heads” as our prompt.  Kudos to Tara for such a solid pick in “And She Was”.   It initially pointed me toward a story about drug use and then I thought, what is my drug of choice?  Music.  Here are my 100 words.  Enjoy.

She popped in her earbuds, dialed up the playlist, and took a trip back.

A blanket in a grassy field and a stage; that was all she ever needed to find her true self.

Hearing that opening chord, she left it all behind.  She wasn’t bound by buildings; not stifled by that suit and heels start and finish; not buried in deadlines and handshakes.

The notes moved her and she was gone, returning, home.  She was moving all around others on the same journey; perfect strangers sharing a groove.  For a moment, they were.  In her mind, always, she was.


Voodoo Fest, NOLA, 2012


Lasers through smoke.  Taken from grassy blanket.  Voodoo 2012

Stay positive & love your life!



Listening to:  Geddy Lee – My Favorite Headache

Eating:  Left over veggie dumplings from my dumpling guru at HMart.

Drinking:  H2O…..about to hunt down some caffeine.

Random fact:  Last Friday we saw The Movement, tonight I’m going to see Depeche Mode, and Saturday I see Matisyahu & Rebelution.  Talk about a week bubbling over with musical goodness!


6 thoughts on “100 Word Song: She Was

  1. wonderfully moody and I think david Byrne and company would love it. Great 100, can’t wait to see what you pick for wed

  2. yep, that about sums it up. well done.

  3. Nothing like a good outdoor music festival. This brings it all back. Pass me the flask, will you? 😉

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