Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: Shadow to Sun

So this week Jen challenged us to come up with a list of beautiful songs.  That’s it.  So it is pretty wide open to interpret anyway we’d like.

For my list, I’m going with two of the things that make a song beautiful to me:  lyrics filled with emotion and lovely vocals.  My list is a journey through the downpour of sadness to seeing the rays of sunlight peek through the clouds.  And it’s also about one of my favorite things, the thing that’s inspired more lyrics than anything else in the world, love.

Shadow to Sun

It Can’t Rain All the Time- Jane Siberry

Notable Lyrics- Oh it won’t rain all the time.  The sky won’t fall forever.  And though the night seems long, your tears won’t fall forever.

Five String Serenade- Mazzy Star

Notable Lyrics- And on my easel I drew while I was thinking of you.  And on the roof of my head in came my five string serenade.

Underwater- Paper Lights

Notable Lyrics-  You’re not alone like you thought you were.

*So this is a local Atlanta band and they don’t have anything “out” but an EP.  This track isn’t on You Tube, but you can find it on Spotify.  Instead, I’m including another lovely song by them that moves us into a more happy, uplifted state.

Have It All

Hard Sun-Eddie Vedder  (Indio cover)

Notable Lyrics-  When I walk beside her, I am the better man. When I look to leave her, I always stagger back again.  Once I built an ivory tower so I could worship from above. When I climbed down to be set free, she took me in again.

Though this is not completely positive, I can relate to the feeling of being so absorbed with another person, for good or bad, that release isn’t an option.  I choose to see this as positive.

*I actually think the song was written about Mother Earth.

**I can’t get enough of this album.  “Rise” is one of my favorite songs.

Horses of the Sun- Bat for Lashes

Notable Lyrics-  I kissed the road, I kissed the road and I came home to the love you gave.  And as I walked through my door I saw the stars spelled out: saved.  And all the gardens bloomed a flower for each day I was away.

Happy as the Sun- Tyrone Wells

Notable Lyrics- Happy as the sun, lighter than a feather.  Walking on the clouds when we are together.  Every day with you just keeps getting better.  The world’s as it should be, when are you here with me.  Here with me.

*Not many write better love songs than this guy.  Cheesy, wonderful happiness.

I’m ending with a song that is beautiful and damn near perfect in all ways…..
Blue Sky- The Allman Brothers
Notable Lyrics- ALL OF THEM.
Walk along the river, sweet lullaby, it just keeps on flowing,
It don’t worry ’bout where it’s going, no, no.
Don’t fly, mister blue bird, I’m just walking down the road,
Early morning sunshine tell me all I need to knowChorus
You’re my blue sky, you’re my sunny day.
Lord, you know it makes me high when you turn your love my way,
Turn your love my way, yeah.Good old sunday morning, bells are ringing everywhere.
Goin to carolina, it won’t be long and I’ll be there

Stay positive & love your life!
Eating:  field peas, cukes, tomatoes, and a veggie burger
Drinking:  H2O
Random fact:  The other day while eating in a Thai dinner, a familiar song played that instantly took me back.  I popped out the Sound Hound and found out is was Spyro Gyra- Pipo’s Song.  Matt said, “you know this elevator music?”  Apparently, he’s not a fan.

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15 thoughts on “Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: Shadow to Sun

  1. Hard Sun is one of the best covers of all time.

    Love the Mazzy Starr and Allman Brothers. well done. great list

  2. Really great list. I had never heard “It Can’t Rain All The Time” before and I’m totally digging it. There was a line in a movie (The Crow, I think) that was either that or very similar to it. Love it. Thanks so much for the new introduction!

  3. (hell of a ‘get’ Kristi!)

    enjoyed the foray into un-familiar music (not counting Allman Brothers, of course)… a lot of interesting stuff here!

  4. Wow. For me what is so obvious is how poetic all the lyrics are of these songs. So completely beautiful. I really love this list Melissa. Outdone.

  5. Oh, Melissa, there are Jane Siberry Coolness hugs coming your way as I type. And more than that, your list overall had a wonderful flow and purpose. Very cool indeed!

  6. Hard Sun is a good cover. I’m still looking around for the original. I used to have the cassette single of the original (I’m old). I always thought the original should have gotten more exposure than it did because it’s such a good song.

  7. Okay, Mazzy Star? Eddie Vedder? I’m in love with your playlist.

  8. Wow… I really enjoyed that. Very sweet. Sorry it took so long for my visit. Whack schedule. Have a great week, Slu

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