100 Word Song: Graceless

Taking a drag of his last cigarette, the bells of Sacred Heart rang out around him. Thirty stories up, the air was cool and windy over the city.

Thirty, interesting number.

How was it possible for one person to have had and lost so much? Thirty years on the job and released just prior to retirement. Released, ha! Just call it what it really is, a death sentence. He had nothing now; surely nothing left to give her.

He snuffed out the butt, feigned the sign of the cross, and sighed, “There must be a science to walking through windows.”




This 100 Word Song post was written the for the prompt “Graceless” by The National.  I had to counteract the beauty of my Trifecta post this week with something much darker.   There the prompt was the word “grace” and I incorporated a busker who I consider to be the “Heart of the City”.  For this post, heart is also present through the mention of Sacred Heart (Bascilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a Catholic church located downtown).   I suppose without shadow, we can’t appreciate the sun.  Odd that I write this looking at the Atlanta skyline which is surprisingly sunny this afternoon.



But, as always people- Stay positive & love your life!





Listening to:  Okkervil River – Down Down The Deep River

Eating:  Mac and cheese, lima beans

Drinking:  H2O

Random fact:  I recaulked my shower last week and now I’m having to do it again.  Damn learning curve.



4 thoughts on “100 Word Song: Graceless

  1. While I don’t think I could ever “walk through windows,” I can certainly empathized with that helpless feeling that can bring someone to the brink.

    • Luckily, I haven’t faced that feeling and I hope it’s a struggle I never have to face. I’ve been lucky enough to lead a fairly happy existence.
      But I’ve lost a couple of friends to the desire to just escape. Both were 15. Though not understandable at any age, I think seeing a young person give up is the worst.
      Thanks for reading.

  2. Love! I like that you can write an old man so believably! Awesome!

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