Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: It’s Alright to Feel Good (Best of 311)

So glad that Jen gave us an easy assignment for this week’s tape!  Getting caught up on yesterday’s Trifecta Writing Challenge and making sure I busted out my mix tape would have been pretty rough on one lunch break if this thing didn’t write itself!  But making a best of for the band of your choice is a cake walk!

Here’s the fun part! The rules of Twisted MixTape are as such: Try and create a 5 song mix based on this week’s theme. This week our theme is Best of Any Band, make a 5 song playlist of your favorite songs from one band and you’re done! Easy Peasy for our Holiday Weekend!

Take it easy, make it flow, remember in your mind you are creating your mixtape for a friend.

Shocker, I’m picking 311.  So the big challenge here is to keep the list to (around) five.  And the last time I made a best of playlist of 311 songs I ended up with 60 (and that was after struggling to cull some out).  Today’s Best of 311 list will be sticking to a theme within a theme:

It’s Alright to Feel Good

All of these songs lift my spirit and put a smile on my face.  They just make ya feel so good!


Notable lyrics:  “You make me feel uncalm and I think I like it, make me think of a song that I could not write yet.  Melodies create themselves, I’m just a conduit.  You make my heart accelerate and I’m on to it.”

1, 2, 3

Notable lyrics:  “It’s alright to feel good. It’s alright for nothing to be wrong. The deepest dream that we have could be tomorrow’s song.”


I’ve include this before, but it’s my favorite 311 song.  I can’t leave it off the list!

Notable lyrics:  “Oh livin’ is a journey.   Waking, believing, running.”

Stealing Happy Hours

Like “Running”, this song comes from my favorite 311 album, “Transistor”.

Notable lyrics:  “We’re snatching bits of time that no one else can seem to find.”

Do You Right

Notable lyrics:  “Like I said it before, I’ll say it once more, knew you would make me feel so good.  Wanna do you right. Can’t get enough, this is the stuff life’s about and it trips me up.”  and  “Bright mornings, days when I want so much, I want nothing; just this life and no more.”


My Heart Sings

Since this also belongs on a Matt and Melissa Love Anthem playlist,  it obviously makes me immensely happy.  Therefore, it is the perfect song to close out this happy playlist.

Notable lyrics:  “My heart sings when I think of you, that is what you do.   A melody that will settle me, that is just the thought of you.”

Stay positive & love your life! 


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10 thoughts on “Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: It’s Alright to Feel Good (Best of 311)

  1. I’m a casual fan of 311 and hadn’t heard some of these. Great list!

  2. I’m not a fan, but I love the passion you put into this. You’ve convinced me to kind of dig them, now. great stuff from you

    • Yes!!! My goal is full world conversion! Everyone will be a 311 fan!
      Telling you, take a chance and listen to their entire Transistor album start to finish. You’ll be hooked.

  3. I’m not a big 311 fan, but I love your list! I really love their rendition of Lovesong…not more than the original, but its a good remake. Love the variety on your list! 🙂

  4. I love how you make me listen to music I wouldn’t have listened to before. I think that’s why I love mixtape so much in general. I feel like I have all of these kindred spirits, but our music tastes are so different, that it’s like parallel universes!

  5. Yay, 311! One of the bands I “found” before anyone else did. And I mean, like a mere few months before anyone else did. I still remember the green paper sleeve for the 45… Cool list Melissa!

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