Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: Maybe I Should Have Picked Brian Krakow

Breakups are the worst, right? This week Jen gave us this directive: “Try and create a 5 song mix based on this week’s theme. This week our theme is I Suck because I broke your heart, or you suck because you broke mine.” It is somewhat hard to put yourself in this head space when you’re in a great relationship and completely content with your life. But I’ll play along…..

I’ve been “blessed” with rather amiable splits for the most part. There was that several week period in high school when I actually did become Angela from “My So Called Life”; without the benefit of ever having dated Jordan Catalano. I moped around, listened to Mazzy Star on repeat, cut off my hair, and like, you know, hurt or whatever.


We were totally going to be together forever.

I thought I was fine by the time my first year of college started, but apparently this little HS meltdown poised me to plunge headfirst into the worst relationship imaginable.


Oh, so you thought you were equipped to be a fine judge of character? Think again.

This guy, wow. To describe him as my dating antichrist is an understatement.

But thankfully it only took me a few delightful years to realize this guy might not be such a good pick. Are you picking up the sarcasm here? Yeah, I’m laying it on pretty thick. Stupid 19-year-old self.

I don’t think I still hate this person. I’m comforted by the fact that years can now go by without giving him a moment’s thought……until I’m asked to make a playlist about people who suck at life. I will not dedicate this list to him, but will simply say, when given the choice, pick the nice guy ladies. That’s where you belong. Save yourself some time and misery. But you won’t listen. So have fun getting all of your relationship disasters out of the way. There is light at the end of this dating tunnel.

Maybe I Should Have Picked Brian Krakow

Never Came- Queens of the Stone Age

Notable lyrics: “Why you gotta shove it in my face as if you put me in my place. Cause I DON’T CARE if you or me is wrong or right ain’t gonna spend another night, in your bed…”

Blood on the Ground- Incubus

Notable lyrics: “Seeing you is like pulling teeth and hearing your voice is like chewing tin foil.”

Get Gone- Fiona Apple

Notable lyrics- “I’ll idealize, then realize that it’s no sacrifice, because the price is paid, and there’s nothing left to grieve. Fuckin go- ’cause I’ve done what I could for you, and I do know what’s good for me and I’m not benefiting.”

Losing a Whole Year- Third Eye Blind

Notable lyrics- “If it’s not the defense then you’re on the attack. When you start talking I hear the Prozac.” or “Well this drama is a bore and I don’t wanna play no more.”

Of course I need to include one “I’m feeling very sorry for myself” jam:

Favorite T- The Lemonheads

Notable lyrics- “Had to hear about your Danish boyfriend. I forced a swoon. So I went over to your dresser drawer and now I got it on. I got it on, your favorite T. It never looked as good on you as it looks on me.”

And a bonus song that I just find funny. I love Lily.

Not Big- Lily Allen

I’ll leave the lyrics out because they are all rather filthy. But I did include a video with lyrics included.


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Stay positive & love your life!



Listening to: Summer Camp – Losing My Mind

Eating: Pasta salad

Drinking: H2O

Random fact: The antichrist mentioned above once told me his Dad had died to get me to talk to him post breakup. Yeah, his Dad was still alive.

16 thoughts on “Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: Maybe I Should Have Picked Brian Krakow

  1. In,er, early childhood, I came across “Since you been gone” by Rainbow, and much prefer Lily’s. Thank you.

  2. Yay! I knew that you weren’t going to be too afraid to Fiona, and you threw in an “f” bomb to boot!

    Also, Lily seems a tad spiteful – just a touch.

    • Yeah, but her British accent makes it sound much more intelligent.

      Fiona is tops for breakup jams. She’s built an entire career out of her relationship misery!

  3. In love with the MSCL references – man, we were FEELING THE FEELINGS when that show was on the air!

    • They had to take the show off the air after one season because it was all just too much. I still am obsessed with Jordan Catalano….it can’t be helped. I listen to 30 Seconds to Mars and hear Frozen Embryos.

  4. one of my favorite lists this week. I like how this one flows. That Lily song is perfect. Queens of the Stone Age’s latest record is very good, maybe the best rock record of 2013.

  5. Nice list – but LOTR MEME FOR THE WIN!

  6. Excellent advice to pick the nice guy to the young ones out there. I had that same boy. But I was 17 and convinced we were soul mates. Sigh. Great list and I love the Not Big tune at the end!

  7. Oh man, do I feel you! I dated this complete psycho after breaking up with my high school bf my first year of college. It took forever to shake that one. And u know, no one will ever listen to our advice! Awesomely angsty mix!

  8. “People who suck at life” is awesome. You have a way with words. 🙂

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