Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: No Strings Attached

“I’ve got no strings to hold me down, to make me fret, to make me frown.  I had strings, but now I’m free.  There are no strings on me.”


This week’s TMT theme over at Jen’s Music Bonanza, as you may have already guessed, is No Strings Attached.

Here’s the fun part! The rules of Twisted MixTape are as such: Try and create a 5 song mix based on this week’s theme. This week our theme is No Strings Attached – this means any song about one night stands, or relationships involving no commitment.

Here’s my opinion on the matter:  I don’t think no strings attached relationships exist.  I hear your claims and much like Pinocchio above, I see your nose growing.  But I’ll play along under this premise-

Yeah, I’ll Call You

Let me start by saying that the very first song I wanted to include is not on Youtube.  Fail.  Let’s Get Horizontal- Ballyhoo!  Any song that includes the line “I wanna do you” belongs on this list.

Sextape- Deftones

Notable lyrics- “The ocean takes me in to watch you shaking. Watch you wave your powers.  Tempt with hours of pleasure”

Up All Night- Alex Clare

Notable lyrics- “Waking up in someone else’s bed was what I was waiting for.”

Need You Tonight-INXS

Notable lyrics- “There’s something about you girl, that makes me sweat.”

Chopsticks-Liz Phair

Notable lyrics-  The entire song is perfection.  My fave, “I told him I knew Julia Roberts when I was twelve at summer camp.  We didn’t say anything after that.”

Flaskaboozendancingshoes- The Limousines

Notable lyrics- “Don’t you worry. Don’t think about tomorrow morning.  Just focus on tonight.”

And if there do end up being strings…..

Heartbeat- Childish Gambino

Notable lyrics- “Are we dating? Are we f@&*ing? Are we best friends? Are we something in between that? I wish we never f@&*ed, and I mean that. But not really, you say the nastiest shit in bed and it’s f@&*in’ awesome.”

Stay positive & love your life!



Listening to:  Franz Ferdinand – Ulysses

Eating:  Asparagus, couscous, mushrooms, veggie burger

Drinking:  H2O

Random fact:  I’ve never been a fan of the club scene.  I’ve always preferred the bar.

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20 thoughts on “Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: No Strings Attached

  1. Holy crap, kid – you SCHOOLED me today! Of the five, there was only one I’d heard. Nice list. Really nice list.

  2. This list wins because of the Liz Phair. I was hoping someone would list her because I didn’t have the guts to drop F**K and Run.

    great stuff here

    • As soon as I saw the topic, that was the first song that popped into my head. I remember thinking is was so clever. Love that she ends it with “secretly I’m timid”.

  3. OMG the only one I’ve heard of is INXS too. What’s wrong with me? Because that line about Julia Roberts and summer camp? Perfection.

  4. Ok this list is awesome, and much like the others, I only knew two songs. You are the musical mecca of introducing us to scandalous music. There should be an award for that! Great list!

  5. I’ve never heard that Liz Phair tune and I have to say it’s pretty brilliant to write a song with chopsticks. And it’s really good. I was going to include her F*&% and Run, but had a moment of uncharacteristic squeaky clean-ness and decided not to. lol

  6. Wow. Glad I’m not the only one who has only heard 3 of the songs. The last two, getting ready to listen to now. I adore Alex Clare! No strings attached, usually ends up with a string around someone’s neck. 🙂 Btw; loved your random fact about the club scene. I have been to a few clubs I enjoyed. One being in N.C. Here, where I am in Virginia, I prefer the bars too!

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