I Could’ve Been Your Girl- 100 Word Song

This week’s song prompt is “I Could’ve Been Your Girl” by She & Him.  I should adore this group.  They’re quirky and ridiculous.  Separately, I like M. Ward and I’ve always had a girl crush on Zooey; but together, I can’t take it.  Her voice generally makes me want to hit the next button.  Luckily as a writing prompt, it works!

Here are my 100 words:

Save the date.

It’s amazing how three little words on a postcard held such sway over her emotions. She’d been staring at their smiling faces on the fridge for three weeks and it wasn’t getting any easier. 

She should be happy for him; send them a crystal vase that would sit in the closet never to be used.

But she wasn’t happy.  If only she’d opened her mouth, tapped it out in Morse code, given him an inkling of how she felt. 

She covered their faces with a Dominoes magnet.   There, that should solve the problem for a few minutes.

This is a 100 Word Song prompt from My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. Join the fun! Write up your 100 words inspired by the song choice below, and link up over HERE. A new prompt every week, and you have until the next week to link up.

Stay positive & love your life!



Listening to:  Baths – Miasma Sky

Eating:  Sweet potatoes, lentils, and polenta.

Drinking:  H2O

Reading:  Just started “Dream Songs: Volume I” by George R. R. Martin.

Random:  I one day hope to hold a 3-toed sloth.


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