Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: Music of the 90s Part 2

I’m back for my second week of participation in ‘s Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday.  I had so much fun with these guys last week that I had to come back for more!  It’s also week 2 of the 90s.  And there’s not a decade about which I’d be more eager to blog.  The rules of Twisted MixTape are as such: “Try to create a 5 song mix based on this week’s theme. As we move through the decades the assumption is you know about the music in the past, but not what is to come.”

The start of the 90s saw me entering 4th grade and closed out with me in my sophmore year of college.  So as you can imagine, there was A LOT of change going on for me both personally and musically.  I started the decade loving stuff like NKOTB, Madonna, and Tiffany.  In the mid 90s I was sporty flannel and emulating the grunge scene.  By the end of the decade my musical taste had broadened to include everything my parents cruelly subjected me to as a kid (ie. the music of the 60s, 70s, and 80s which I greatly adore to this day), all of the alternative rock bands that defined my high school years, and the few decent bands that emerged in the late 90s (there weren’t many).

In last week’s TMTT post I included some of my favorite angst ridden songs and I’ve already written about the 90s albums that I consider to be the most definitive of my teenage years.  Today I give to you songs from some great bands of the 90s that I really didn’t get into until  after the 90s were over.  Sure, I might have jammed to some of their songs that were played on the radio (for those who actually got air play), but I never owned any of their albums and wouldn’t have really named myself a fan.

Bands of the 90s:  Better Late Than Never

 Foo Fighter- Big Me 1996

As I mentioned in previous posts, I love Nirvana.  And I just wasn’t eager to acknowledge Dave Grohl in his new, more peppy positive role.  I found myself enjoying their music, but just never made the leap to fan.  It wasn’t really until the last several years that I’ve really started to dig these guys.  It mostly spawned from my deep admiration for Dave (musical genius)  and the fact that their music is evolving.  They just get better and better (unlike other aging bands….looking at you Red Hot Chilli Peppers).  Their latest album is amazingly good.  I’ve listed to “Rope” several million times at this point.

Also, if you haven’t seen these guys live yet, do yourself a huge favor. I’ve seen them twice now.  They put on one hell of a show.  And they play an insanely long set.  The first time I saw them, they were on stage for over 3 1/2 hours!  No one does this.  It was probably the best concert I’ve ever experienced and that’s saying a lot!

Screaming Trees- Alice Said 1991

The Screaming Trees never really came across my radar in the 90s save “I Nearly Lost You” on the soundtrack for the movie “Singles”.  And funny enough, it was this soundtrack that sent me in search of their music years later while in grad school.  Mark Lanegan just has such an interesting voice that every time the song would come on I’d think, I really need to listen to more of these guys.

Fugazi- Promises 1989 (close enough….)

Technically born in the 80s, these guys saw their biggest success in the 90s.  And somehow I didn’t hear song one till around 2000.  But then there was no looking back.  Punk rock with more musicality.  I was hooked.  “13 Songs” was on repeat in my car for so many months that it’s ridiculous.

Our Lady Peace- Starseed 1994

Just like with Screaming Trees, a compilation disk led me to these guys.  I can’t even remember what the song was or what the disc was at this point.  It was some sort of 90s alt rock promo disc.  “Somewhere Out There” was all over the radio but I don’t feel it’s very representative of their standard sound.  I guess the mainstream loves a good ballad.  I ended up picking up 2 CDs in a CD Warehouse (used CD store for those of you not familiar) several years ago and really got into them.  Matt also missed out on these guys in the 90s and is now a big fan.

Bonus, they are still making great music.

Queens of the Stone Age- Regular John 1998

I was only a few years late to the show for these guys.  I picked up when a lot of others did, the release of “Songs for the Deaf” in 2001.  I immediately went out and bought their first two albums and have purchased every album since.  Josh Homme is perfection.  I love the weird guitar that you can immediately peg as QOTSA.  I love his odd voice.  I love that Dave Grohl has drummed for them.  And I especially love that I will finally get to see them live this year at Music Midtown. 

Oh, and in case you couldn’t already guess what I think about their new album….love it.

So I cheated a bit and went over my five songs in terms of Youtube videos, but I technically only listed five 90s songs.  So it’s like, whatever dude.

Stay positive & love your life!



Listening to:  Neutral Milk Hotel – In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

Eating:  Couscous and black-eyed peas.

Drinking:  H2O

Random fact:  I always feel a bit taken aback when I discover a “new” band that’s been around for a while.  It’s a combination of feeling dumb for not previously being aware that they existed and feeling deprived of all of their musical goodness over the years.


Me (second from the right) in 1999ish.  I really need to dig out some OLD pictures so I can seriously embarrass myself.


14 thoughts on “Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: Music of the 90s Part 2

  1. I remember that gang. ..the pink ladies…SDP!

  2. I’m so with you on always feeling slightly off when I fall in love with a band that friends’ responses to my enthusiasm is “what. You’ve never heard this???” Um, no? But I can love it later, too. Great intro – it really is amazing how much we can change in a decade. And how much we think we don’t change much in a decade as we age! In fact, right now, I’m digging Queens of the Stone Age (and never heard them before…hanging head in shame).

    • Thanks for reading and commenting! Glad you’re digging QOTSA. You’re in for a real treat! The great thing about finding a band late in the game is that you have tons of “new” music to catch up on. There’s no bothersome wait for an album release. Happy listening. Let me know if you find any faves. 🙂

  3. I’ll join Kristi (with a slight qualification)…I knew the name of the Band (QOTSA), as I listen to (local) college radio all the time.
    But I could not hear a song of theirs in my head (my definition of ‘Yeah, I know them’).

    Good listation.

  4. Joining in with the ongoing discussion, I only knew one of their songs, No One Knows, but now I’ll have to go look up these two and more of their stuff.
    I’ve got a love/hate thing with the Foo Fighters, its either one or the other, no in between. And I completely missed Screaming Trees back then and only recently “discovered” them. Glad you came back and joined in the fun for a second time and hope to see you again next week!

    • Thanks! Yeah, I’m a much bigger fan on newer Foo Fighters. But after seeing them live, I’m fully converted. No one puts on a show like them. And you can tell they’re still so into it. I could talk about Dave Grohl all day….
      I’ll be back next week. I have a feeling I’m gonna be looking forward to Tuesday posts. 🙂

  5. Damn I love this list. That Screaming Trees song is so underrated. I just started reading “Everybody Loves Our Town, an oral history of Grunge” by Mark Yarm. Trees factor in it heavily.

    My cousin and I hope to see Neutral Milk Hotel later this Fall in Atlanta.

    and Starseed! Not all Canadian bands are lame. Our lady peace put out some fine rock records.

    • That’s one thing I’m seriously loving about Atlanta. There’s access to so many good shows. It’s overwhelming at times!

      OLP is so freaking good. I had a hard time picking a song. Go check out their new one if you haven’t yet. It’s solid.

      Will have to check out that book. Sounds like a great read.

  6. You know on that thought about discovering older music and then loving it, that’s the story of my life. I think we have to be in the right place at the right time for something to actually stick. While managing a record store I basically watched all of this music cross my path, however only some of it stuck. I have loved these 90’s mixes with the opportunity to re-hear it all over again!

  7. FOO Fighters FTW! Sorry. I really like the Foo Fighters. I didn’t mean to yell on your page.

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