Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: Music of the 90’s Part 1

I stummbled upon this blog a few weeks ago: .  She has a lot of great and worthwhile posts there to read, but what really made me stop and take notice was her love for music. She’s like a kindred spirit only with way more music knowledge than I have.  That both draws my attention and makes me a bit jealous at the same time. Anyway, each Tuesday she posts a recurring blog topic:  Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday.  Each week the subject of the mix tape changes.  This week I’ve decided to jump into the fray.  Today topic:  Music of The 1990′s – You know what you like, and you know what’s playing but the world is going to end in 1999 so there will be no music after that.

Now since I just did a 1990’s related music post a few Friday’s ago (click here), I thought this might be a challenge.  I’d feel bad not to include songs off of the albums mentioned in my previous post.  But the 90’s was a very music rich decade and it’s where my own, true musical taste developed.  So there will be no repeats….grumble, grumble.

The “Twisted” part of mix tape is the theme you select within the topic.  Jen’s this week was “My Happiness Mix”.  I’ve taken it a different direction.  One of my very favorite things about the 1990’s was how hard hitting the music was.  The music seriously rocked and  it rocked hard. It was as if the entire decade composed a sweet, guitar thrashing, drum smashing, slam dancing lullably to teen angst (or grown-up angst…I just happened to be a teen at the time).   So don your flannel, strap up you Doc Martens, and fling yourself directly into the mosh pit.

Here Comes the Angst Mix

Rusty Cage- Soundgarden

Milquetoast- Helmet

Midlife Crisis-Faith No More

What Was I Thinking-311

*I was at this wonderful shindig.  And this was pure magic to watch/hear.

Darkness- Rage Against the Machine

Now, after all of that rocking, I feel the need to remind you to:

Stay positive & love your life!



Listening to: All 311.  All day.  I’m prepping for Saturday’s show.

Eating:  Downstair Bistro’s salad bar salad….again.  I need to go shopping.

Drinking:  White Monster

Random fact:  It is almost physically painful for me to leave this list at 5!  Ugh, damn you 90’s music!  Why are you so awesome?!


13 thoughts on “Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: Music of the 90’s Part 1

  1. Glad to see you join in on the MixTape fun and great list right out of the gate!

  2. Nice to see you from the MixTape hop.

    You, also, had me at Faith No More 🙂 Love them,

  3. Welcome to the party! I am so glad that you have joined in the fun. We are nothing if not excited to have new people play along! I really love this list, and I love that you did a theme, not everyone does, and that’s OK until we get to the themed posts….then you better be on board 😉
    You have some great picks here. I have never really been into the hard stuff, but I definitely have an appreciation for it, because sometimes you just need to rock! Also, I create a youtube playlist for eace weeks posts, so anything you post get’s added to it. You can either follow me on YouTube or I’ll include the link in the next reminder. Thanks so much for playing, please come back next week!

    • Yeah, the theme makes it easier for me to separate all of the stuff I love into a more manageable list. Ha!
      I will definitely be back! Music is like air to me and I am a list maker. So this is a perfect fit!
      Are you on Spotify? Have you considered making a Spotify list of the songs everyone includes? It might be easier to listen along to for those of us at the office all day. 🙂 I will volunteer myself if you’d like. Just let me know.

  4. Welcome to Tuesday Mixtape. Glad I found you. we have the same record collection. Love the angst and the noise and screaming.

    well done


  5. yeah welcome… love the FNM and Rage (I had hoped to include one in next week’s Part 2)

    excellent listation

  6. Nice list – love ’em all. Can’t wait to see next week’s. (Also – I never follow the “5” rule. Because I’m such a badass)

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