Snakes in a Dream

Not much time to write or for lunch today; so today’s post will be very brief.  After last night’s freak fest,  I just had to pop in here to bring up the topic of dreams.

I have the strangest dreams.  Are they weirder than most people’s?  I don’t know, because people never seem nearly as interested in your dreams as you are and, a lot of folks I know claim to rarely remember their dreams in much detail.  I’ve always been very interested in dreams for a number of reasons:

1.  They tend to offer insight into areas of our lives that we don’t make public .  This is one reason why I’ve always enjoyed hearing about my friends dreams.  It’s a tool to help get to know them better.

2.  They can be vastly entertaining.  I have several recurring dreams that are amazing enjoyable and interesting.  They all involve different versions of large, creepy houses with secret rooms and treasures.  One also has ghosts involved and takes place on a secret level of a house that used to be a 1950’s department store.  Weird, I know.

3.  They can be very useful in the day-to-day.  I sometimes “discover” solutions to items with which I’ve been struggling while I catch my zzzzz’s.  They’ve always been especially useful for work related items.

But sometimes dreams are just bizarre.  Take last night’s for instance.  I dreamed the entire night (to my recollection) about snakes.  In what seemed to be different dreams all broken up by periods of wakefulness, I rescued people and animals from huge snakes.  These snakes were some species that appeared to be a cross between a constrictor and a rattler.  So, not only could they bite and kill something; they could also swallow little animals whole.  And they were insanely fast.  Oh, and also, they could easily enter houses and hide.    I ended up wrestling several by somehow grasping them by the head and attempting to choke them while screaming for someone to come kill them.  This is basically what I looked like:


I’m tired of these mother effin snakes in this mother effin dream.


Let us take a moment to mourn two of the victims who could not be rescued:


Harry Larry.  This is a dog that Bee and I rescued off of the road side after he was almost crushed by a car.  We were able to reconnect him with his family the next day (thanks Craiglist!).  But I wouldn’t have minded keeping him.  He’s adorable and smart.  I don’t even like small dogs and I loved him instantly.  FYI- his real name isn’t Harry Larry, but it should be.  Unfortunalty in my dream he could not be rescued from a snake.  He was swallowed whole.



This turd.  His name is Otis.  And if the snake of my dreams were around, he’d definitely get eaten.  Good thing he’s cute, because he has the smarts of a hamster.  This is Bee’s fur baby.

So there it is.  Snakes. Dreams. Eaten Dachshund.

What do you dream about?


Stay positive & love your life!




Listening to:  311 – Same Mistake Twice

Eating:  Salad

Drinking:  White Monster

Random fact:  I would never have the guts to grab a snake by the head unless it were after Jovi.  Then I might find the courage.  Although, Jo would likely be trying to protect me from the snake or making sure it wasn’t a new pet with which she will have to share my attention  (by ending it).


This is Jovi.  She’s a Black Mouth Cur and one of my very best friends.  I love this little brown mutt way too much.


Okay, your turn to talk!

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